5 Unique DIY Projects Using Epoxy Resin 

Epoxy resin is an amazing and versatile product that allows you to create an endless number of projects. Whether you’re a professional DIYer or looking for a fun and thoughtful gift idea, epoxy resin can be a great asset to your toolkit. So, what exactly is it, and what can you make with it?

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is technically an adhesive, and a strong one at that. It’s frequently used for industrial purposes and in construction for adhering all types of materials from wood, to metal. More recently, many artists and craftsman have discovered the uses of epoxy resin in more creative ways. From painting to making jewellery, DIYers are loving this material. It hardens into a substance somewhere between plastic and glass, and you can add colours to the mix as well. If you’re unsure how to use it, check out this guide for details. 

While the projects you can create are endless, here are five unique DIY projects you can make using epoxy resin. 


You can create some cool coasters using epoxy resin. You’ll need to get a mould, in the shape you prefer, whether that’s round, square or another fun shape. You can set just about any material you like, as long as it’s thin enough, into the base. Some neat ideas are using seashells, feathers, glitter or bottle caps


Making your own buttons can add a personal touch to bags, jean jackets or other pieces of clothing. You can make them in all sorts of different shapes as well. Create a mould, using a mould making kit, for even more versatile options. You have the opportunity to make buttons the form of cats, stars, skulls, or the classic round shape. You can mix in different colours or even create glow in the dark buttons – the possibilities are endless!

Coffee Table Top

Create a coffee table top using pourable epoxy resin. You’ll need a table top with raised sides, or you’ll have to build a small frame over the top of your current coffee table. Once in place, you can choose which objects you’d like to have set into your surface. It can be anything from photographs to stones, seashells or favourite pieces of fabric. Once you have them in place, pour the resin over and allow to harden. 


For a fun addition to your desk at work or in your home office, you can make a paperweight. You’ll need to use a mold for this project, which can be purchased, or made yourself. You can include natural elements, like sticks, leaves or flowers in your paperweight for an attractive addition to your workspace. For a child’s desk, you could use Lego pieces or small toy cars for a fun decorative piece. 

Acrylic Pour Painting
Even if you’re not super artistic, you can still make beautiful art by combining acrylic paints with epoxy resin. Pour painting is done using a small cup, with multiple layers of paint inside. You pour the cup on to your canvas and tilt it around, allowing the paint to fill the space. The result is magical waves of colour that cascade beautifully over the canvas. Using epoxy resin in the mix gives the finished product a shiny finish that is smooth to the touch.