Grey Goose Vodka – Fountain of Goose Pop-Up in Sydney

French vodka brand Grey Goose brought a chic travelling experience to Sydney last week: The “Fountain of Goose”. It was a captivating, sculptural, fully-functioning fountain that doubled as a bar — and popped up at First Fleet Park, Circular Quay for five fabulous days between 20 – 24 November.

The Plus Ones dropped by for the VIP launch in an idyllic waterfront setting and enjoyed complementary lime and soda Grey Goose cocktails, a la chic French Riviera. It was an extraordinary inner-city escape, where we got to kick back against a distinctly blue and white backdrop, while enjoying some of the finest vodka in the world.

Grey Goose is distilled in the gastronomy capital of the world, France, using the traditions of the Maitre de Chai. They use only two ingredients: single-origin Picardie winter wheat, and natural spring water. Nothing else. This makes it the go-to premium pick for vodka-lovers worldwide.

A play on the Fountain of Youth, the “Fountain of Goose” is for those who are young at heart, and complete with its own wishing well — my guest and I received a Grey Goose coin to toss into the Fountain, while making a wish (for an endless summer).

The unexpected urban oasis invited guests to treat themselves, and ‘Live Victoriously’, in keeping with the brand’s slogan. Visitors were surprised and delighted by the ‘out of the blue’ performances and experiences that materialised during the pop-up, including a dazzling ballerina, and charismatic magician.

The magic of Grey Goose’s Fountain of Goose is sure to make many-a-drink disappear this summer.

The world first Grey Goose brand experience is journeying the east coast of Australia, having visited Broadbeach in Queensland, before travelling to Circular Quay in Sydney — it’s now on to Federation Square in Melbourne. 

The Fountain of Goose will be open to the general public, and those who stumble upon it.  For more information, visit the Facebook Event Page.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who will try most things once, twice, or even thrice. Follow her on Instagram.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Wanderlust Union
Photos: Wanderlust Union