5 Awesome Tips for Packing and Moving House

You might be moving home to relocate for a new job, or you might simply be looking for a new home altogether. Whether you are planning on moving inside or outside the Australian mainland, we have a few tips for you that will work without fail in all situations. Just make sure to double check on everything once you are done though, because silly mistakes can be costly when there are thousands of miles involved!

Hire the Right People

If you are planning to move from one state to another, you need to make sure that the removal company you hire are experts in interstate relocations. For example, Taylor’s Relocations are a furniture removalists company that is family-run, and they will almost treat you like family. You also want to make sure the company you choose has the right insurance to cover you for any damages in the removal process.

Pack What You Can Yourself

Some moving services, if not most, will offer to pack things for you, but this can really add to the overall cost. Not only will it be cheaper, it will be faster too, since you know where everything is and what you want to take. You can also label everything with exactly where you want it to be placed when you reach the other end.

Buy the Packing Materials in Advance

If you buy your packing materials in advance, you can be packing away items that you don’t require on a daily basis. If you buy all your boxes and packing tape well in advance of the moving date, you can assemble a few and put one in each room of the house. You can slowly pack items you know you won’t need until after the move. It is also a good idea to make sure you have any tools necessary to take apart bulky furniture so you aren’t stuck come moving day. Some other things you may need include:

  • Tape: different widths will be necessary
  • Labelling paper in different colours
  • Sharpies and permanent markers
  • Scissors and a box cutter knife

Reduce the Burden

The less you take, the less it will cost you, so stick to the essentials and the pricy items only. Take this opportunity to reduce your clutter by donating items and even hiring a skip bin if you need to. If you are really confused about something, just get in deep and do the calculations to know whether it will be worth it to carry it to your new location. In some cases, it can be cheaper to just buy new at the other end.

Carry the Expensive Stuff Yourself

If you have an expensive jewellery collection or anything else of significant monetary value, it’s likely best if you carry it with you to the location itself, instead of leaving it with the packers and movers. Although most removal companies will have insurance for loss and damage, some things of sentimental value cannot be replaced.

Hopefully these tips will help to make your relocation as smooth and as stress-free as possible!

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