4 Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Trip with You

Taking your dog with you when going on a trip does make life a little more complicated, but it’s so worth it. Putting them in a kennel just doesn’t seem right. However, it’s not as simple to manage when you have other people traveling with you too. So, it’s worth preparing well ahead of time to avoid too many surprises. Here are 4 tips for dog owners taking an extended break with their furry friend.

Find Dog Friendly Places to Stay and Run Around

Wherever you choose to stay, ensure that you verify whether it’s dog friendly or not. Places that are will be this way for most of the year (but maybe not at peak holiday season) and other places will be strictly no animals allowed, so phone ahead.

When you find a dog friendly site, check whether there are areas for them to run around or other places outside the area to give them their daily walks. If you are looking for a dog friendly caravan park Adelaide, Hahndorf Resort is a great choice. Camping and caravanning sites are going to have plenty of outdoor space for your dog to get oodles of the exercise that they love. It’s a better choice than a stuffy hotel that claims to be dog friendly but has a list of rules as long as your arm!

Keep Your Dog Safe

Research some reliable veterinary clinics and make a note of their details (or save their website as a PDF on your laptop). You’ll want to bring their recent vet medical record including their relevant vaccinations, as many resorts require this when you book with them.

If you’re planning to go on a road trip, it’s also beneficial to note where the nearest veterinary surgery is along your route, just in case your pet starts to feel unusual poorly during travel.

Also, it’s worth seeing your vet to get any new jabs that are required. It doesn’t hurt to take a reading of their microchip to verify that’s in working order too.

Bring Their Supplies

When you are travelling with your dog, then they’ll need their supplies just like you! This includes a clean food and water bowl, their leash, waste bags, food, any treats, their collar and ID tags, play toys, and a flashlight. If their fur gets tangled up easily, then bringing their regular brush isn’t a bad idea either.

If they’re very dependent on familiar things and you have extra space in your vehicle, it may be worth considering bringing their dog bed and a familiar blanket too.

Give Your Dog Extra Attention

Depending on your pet, they may find travelling more stressful than you’d expect. Other dogs just embrace it and have a blast! Expect that they’ll be more attentive and require more of your time than usual. For one thing, you’ll be nearby to them for longer than in a normal week where they’re probably home alone for a large part of the time. Also, keep them close to avoid them getting into trouble with other pets or getting lost.

It isn’t difficult to take your four-legged friend with you when you go away. Just prepare ahead of time!

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