Two Suns Premium Dry – Beer Launch

The Plus Ones were invited to celebrate the launch of Two Suns Premium Dry: a new beer born from a collaboration between two great brewing nations: Australia and Japan — and a perfect way to welcome the warmer months.

Guests gathered at a private residence in Vaucluse Sydney, to enjoy the culinary creations of celebrity chef Matt Sinclair (who you may know from TV Show Masterchef). For the canapés, Matt curated a spectacularly unique menu using Australian produce, and Japanese grill cooking techniques, which aligns with the dual heritage of the new brew.

Every dish was designed to pair perfectly with a chilled bottle of Two Suns Premium Dry, whose flavour I would describe as light, refreshing, and dangerously easy to drink. The beer itself is made in Australia with 100% Australian malt and wheat, but with precise Japanese brewing techniques. It’s the result of an ingenious collaboration between two passionate brewers: Yosuke Tajika from Japan and Geoff Day from Australia.

Two Suns brings a premium option to the world of easy-drinking beers. Brought to consumers by the well-known Asahi brand, this is definitely the type of beer a group of friends would drink over an afternoon in the sun, on a verandah, or under a beach umbrella. While most beers tend to bloat, this one is crisp, low-bitterness and low-carb. Unbeerievable, but true.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who loves to eat and drink, as much as she loves to travel. Follow her on Instagram.

Two Suns Premium Dry will be available on tap at select venues and in pack. For more information, visit their Facebook Page.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of KDPO
Photos: Trent Van Der Jagt