Sydney’s newest foodie precinct opens in Darling Square

Take a trip down the neon lane(way) in Sydney’s Darling Square

The Plus Ones were invited to experience Little Hay Street, unofficially known as ‘Electric Treat Street’.

Little Hay Street, located in the Darling Square precinct, is a neon-lit laneway where food, fashion, and beauty meet. The precinct features a plethora of both new and recognisable names. We were taken on a sweet treat-focussed tour; I had more desserts in one evening than I would normally have in a year. I couldn’t possibly talk about every stop on our journey so I will talk about the highlights.

Rey Jr’s

We began our journey at Rey Jr’s which is the younger sibling of Filipino restaurant, Rey’s Place. Rey’s share-style menu offers a mixture of savoury and sweet options. My personal favourite (and highlight) of the evening would have to be the Crispy Chicken Skin. If you’ve ever wondered what the chicken version of pork crackling would taste like, this is it. If you ignore everything I have written in this article, above all, remember the Crispy Chicken Skin. You will not be disappointed.

Bengong Black

The next stop on our trip down the neon laneway was Bengong Black. As I stepped through the doors, the black walls lined with gold accents immediately transported me to a world of luxury. I’ve never been inside a high-roller suite at the casino, but if I had, Bengong Black is what I would envision it to look like.

Bengong’s Head Chef trained at the world-famous Cordon Bleu. His attention to detail is incredible and is especially evident in his cakes – there’s even a cake that is the spitting image of his dog. Bengong Black is most known for its fruit-infused teas using only fresh, seasonal fruits, served with a distinctive style and flair. Bengong Black is open until 10 PM making it the perfect place for city-slickers to catch up with friends after work or a great date alternative to a bar.

15 Sheets

My guest and I were treated to a styling session with the owners of 15 Sheets. The fashion and lifestyle store initially started out stocking only menswear pieces. At 15 Sheets you won’t find racks of clothes with the hangers jammed into each other, instead, you’ll find carefully procured hand-picked labels with a limited run of stock. Each designer focuses on quality over quantity in their carefully curated collections. The styles range from streetwear to office-chic and are high-quality whilst still being affordable. The brands stocked vary in origin from the UK to Malaysia.

Other places on our tour included; Gelato Messina (who have brought back the single-serve gelato mini cakes), Kurtosh (I want to go back for their signature curly doughnut), and Japanese-inspired DOPA by Devon; the baby sister of Devon Café.

There really is something for everyone at the new Darling Square precinct.

– Danielle
Danielle likes to workout in her spare-time to make up for all the food she consumes at events. 

Little Hay Street is located behind The Exchange Building (affectionately nicknamed ‘The Bird’s Nest Building’), or off Sussex St, Darling Harbour. For a full list of retailers and trading hours, visit the dedicated Darling Square website.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Tonic PR
Photos: Tonic PR