Skating At Cathedral Square Sydney

Ice Skating at Cathedral Square this Winter

Want to take your winter to the next level? Head to the SkatingAt at Cathedral Square popup. Right in front of the Gothic St. Mary’s Cathedral in the heart of the city, you can escape to a winter wonderland full of ice skating — and more.

Set up right in Cathedral Square, the SkatingAt popup is a glorious taste of the northern hemisphere winter. As at Northern Hemispherean myself — someone who grew up ice skating on my family’s pond, and got an A+ in ice skating during university — I was thrilled to be invited along to partake in the popup.

Skating At Cathedral Square Sydney

I recommend starting off with an exhilarating ride down the big sledding hill — really get the adrenaline going. There are child- and adult-sized inflatable inner tubes, and the lovely staff will give you a huge push if you want. Careening down the icy slope, let the joyous screams out before you (safely) smash into barriers at the bottom. Then race to the top and do it all over again!

My +1 and I chose to do an evening visit to SkatingAt, which meant we could indulge in some dinner. There are several food stalls to choose from — and not your average carnival-style fried food, either, but full menus. You can get in touch with your inner Canadian with some poutine (fries loaded with cheese and gravy), or go with nachos or fish and chips. I went with delish crispy fish tacos, but for the healthier among us, there’s ancient grain rice bowls and even organic chai.

Skating At Cathedral Square Sydney


Drinks are always a must to keep you feeling toasty inside and out. The Maple Bar (see the Canadian theme?) has everything from beer to kombucha. Of course, my +1 and I had to go with the mulled wine to keep the wintertime vibes going.

Next up: the piece de resistance, ice skating! The best part about SkatingAt at Cathedral Square is that your ticket includes ice skates. While the rink isn’t quite Olympic-sized, it’s large enough for tons of people to enjoy themselves. Everyone from kids to adults, novices to semi-professional skaters, had a blast. Hot tip I have: if you, like me, got an A+ in ice skating but haven’t been on any ice in half a decade, take it easy at the start. Don’t try to show off — you might end up crashing!

Skating At Cathedral Square Sydney

A visit to SkatingAt at Cathedral Square is a super fun, different way to spend an afternoon or evening. Got with friends, with your niece, on a date — no matter who you’re with, you’ll have a magnificent time enjoying some wintertime activities!

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa loves telling Aussies that her grade in ice skating (did she mention she got an A+?) is on her university transcript. Follow her on Instagram.

SkatingAt at Cathedral Square, Sydney, runs until 21 June 2019. Buy tickets now.
The venue is accessible, although contact the organisers for more info.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Wordstorm PR.
Image credit: Wordstorm PR.