The Modern Man’s Grooming @ Adilla Barbers

In a quiet, unassuming alleyway off Cross street in the premier suburb of Double Bay sits Adilla Barbers, the modern mans’ grooming salon. The salon itself is small without being cramped, with 4 barber chairs, interesting artwork on the walls and the air of a place brand new, even though it has been in existence for two years. I walked into the chilled out sounds of hip-hop playing and met Brendan, or Bundy the barber as he’s known to his clientele.

After a long day at the office, it was lovely to be offered a water or beer as I sat down and took a breather. None of that time-pressured typical barbershop attitude, Bundy and I chatted for a few minutes as he looked me up and down before asking, ‘do you know what you’d like?’. Now being a bit of a metro-sexual, I confess I struggle with most barbers because I feel they don’t take the time to listen to my ideas or give their own opinion on my ramblings. After chatting with Bundy though, I felt comfortable enough to let him transform me as he wished.

Anxiety levels before the session

Bundy was professional, friendly, and extremely entertaining. In the hour that I sat there, our conversations ranged from his training in London (turns out he used to study at the same school that I used to volunteer as a hair model back in stingy, college days!), barbershops in Los Angeles (the one place where he’d love to open a barber shop next), his work as an ambassador for men’s mental health and our mutual puzzlement over the popularity of the fade haircut.

Adilla Barbers

The hot towel shave was definitely the highlight

Bundy explained that “the inspiration behind Adilla Barbers was to create a space for our clients where they can feel comfortable, hang out and feel at home; Adilla Barbers was designed to be a space for the modern man. A gent that needs no justification to get a great haircut, a beer or whisky, an express facial or a treatment on their beard or even a colour…They walk out a new man, refreshed and clear headed.”

After the shave and haircut, I definitely felt like a new man (see evidence below). Adilla Barbers epitomises the grooming experience that I had been looking for in Sydney – personable, friendly and professional, but most importantly fun. As Bundy and I discussed, going to the barbers shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun. At Adilla, that’s certainly the case.

post shave transformation

– Haseeb 

Haseeb Chishti is a writer/editor from Pakistan. A business consultant and project manager, on his off time he can be found attending every gallery opening and disco night that Sydney has to offer. 

Adilla Barbers 
3/12 Cross St
Double Bay NSW 2028

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of HHPR.

Photo credits: @Bundythebarber, @ericmarom and HHPR