Evening of Mixology with Martin Miller’s Gin

The classic gin and tonic is a classic for a reason. With more and more artisanal and craft gin popping up all over Australia and the world, The Plus Ones were invited to learn all things gin with one of the pioneers of the craft gin trend: Martin Miller’s Gin.

Held at Muse House in Surry Hills, the intimate evening involved delicious cocktails made with the star of the evening — Martin Miller’s Gin — accompanied by delicious canapes and live acoustic performance.

David Bromige discussing traditional botanicals

Martin Miller’s Gin’s Creative Director and one of the three co-founders of the brand, David Bromige, was in attendance on his first trip to Australia. Bromige gave us the low-down on the inferior state of gin in the UK in the late 90s — no ice, a dash of gin, lots of tonic water, and dried preserved lemon peel. All of which prompted the Martin Miller’s Gin label.

The gin’s parent company, The Reformed Spirits Company, is also behind Fever-Tree Tonic Water — which featured in the night’s cocktails — and Icelandic vodka Polstar.

Born in London in 1998, Martin Miller’s Gin is a direct response to the sub-par gin and tonics that Bromige and his comrades were served in the city. A blight on the drinks industry in their eyes as the gin and tonic is one of the UK’s signature cocktails.

Icelandic water — the purest in the world according to Martin Miller Gin

The gin is made with traditional gin botanicals — Bromige stated that he considers all gins that are flavoured with any other botanicals are simply “flavoured vodka” — but in a non-traditional fashion. Instead of throwing all the botanicals in the still with the alcohol at the same time, each is distilled separately then carefully blended after resting for ten days in stainless steel canisters. This allowed Bromige and his team to carefully balance the strong flavours of juniper berries with the brighter notes of citrus peels. After distillation, the gin is blended with Icelandic water, which Bromige states is the purest in the world as it goes through no processing or demineralisation.

In its 12 year’s of existence, Martin Miller’s Gin is one of the most awarded brands in the world. Named for one of the co-founders, the gin was conceived with the objective to develop the best gin in the world.

Discover the soft and pure flavours of the marriage of Icelandic water and British botanicals and pick up some Martin Miller’s Gin the next time you’re at your local bottle-shop!

– Orlaith

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Muse House
74-76 Campbell St
Surry Hills

Find out more about Martin Miller’s Gin on its website. 

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Photo Credit: Chris Pavlich