Andre Cordova Launches New Single At The Imperial

The Plus Ones were invited to celebrate the launch of Andre Cordova’s latest single ‘Unless You Care’ at the iconic Carlotta’s Lounge upstairs at The Imperial Hotel, Erskineville.

Australian dance-pop music sensation and proud LGBTQIA activist Andre Cordova has overcome personal struggles, to bring awareness to the issues that impact so many both in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. He touches on these issues in his music, blending his own experience with his art.

Left to Right: Tim Dormer, Andre Cordova, Ash Toweel

The party was an epic night of music, including a live performance by Andre himself and a DJ set by Irene Burnie. Andre started off with a fun dancey tune claiming “The Boy Is Mine” that is sure to be a hit on the dancefloor. Followed by his latest single, “Unless You Care”. The new single shares a strong message that there’s a lot of healing needed in the world, but “Unless you care, the world won’t change”.

The powerful pop ballad was co-written by Aussie pop star Tom Jay Williams (of At Sunset/Darling Brando) and produced by ZuZu (Nick Delahoyde/Rachael Fahim) and resonated with the crowd at The Impy, an iconic location which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community.

On arrival, we were greeted with flutes of champagne and glasses of wine while servers passed around some of The Imperial’s tasty morsels. Unfortunately, bar a few tasty veggie pizzas at the end of the night, there weren’t any vegetarian options. As my guest is a vego, I made sure she got a few slices in while I devoured a few delicious sliders.

There wasn’t an empty glass in sight, thanks to the very hospitable staff — shout out to our favourite bartender Jamie who made sure we never went thirsty and was just a pure delight in general.

Andre overcame an abusive non-accepting household to bring his message to the masses. He now uses his experience with domestic abuse to positively mentor others and this year took his message all the way to the finals of the Mr Gay Pride Australia competition.

“I honestly enjoyed my journey through the Mr Gay Pride Australia competition and was honoured to be a finalist,” said Andre on his experience.

“It provided clarity for my own mission and reaffirmed that we in the community, in any community, can make a difference by simply caring. I now hope my music can inspire both compassion and action.”

Check out the trailer for his new single in the video here.

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Andre Cordova’s latest “Heat” EP is available on iTunes. Check him out on his YouTube channel and keep up to date on Instagram here.

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