Advance Screening of ‘The Hate U Give’ film – Amex Open Air Cinema Bondi

If you haven’t gotten along to American Express Open Air Cinemas yet – you’re really missing one of the best summer experiences in Sydney. With the most comfortable cushioned lounges, complete with a pillow, blankie, and “couch-service” for food and drinks, you really couldn’t ask for more in a date night.

Open Air Cinemas open at around 6pm summer evenings, and the film commences shortly after sunset. My guest and I visited the Bondi Pavilion location, which is nestled right beside the iconic Bondi Beach.

Movies with partners and friends tend to be a quiet, individual experience — but the Open Air movie setting makes movie-watching a picnic-like affair. Its informality encourages conversation, the breaking of bread, and the clinking of drinks. The day-turned-night sky above you definitely gives new meaning to the overall cinema experience.

My guest and I were invited along to an advanced screening of The Hate U Give. It’s a a film based on the original New York best-selling novel of the same story. I couldn’t recommended it highly enough. The Hate U Give cuts through superficial Hollywood teen drama – and tackles the heavy issues of racial discrimination, violence, and ultimately — the cause and effect of hate.

It’s a movie in which, the strong female lead, after witnessing her best childhood friend unwittingly shot dead at the hands of a white police officer – progressively finds her courage, and her voice. The main character Starr builds up an enlivening rage — which culminates in her leading of a protest against the discrimination of her people.

My partner described the film as an “emotional rollercoaster”, and I can’t disagree. I can conclusively say, this is an occasion where the movie adaptation of a book is equally powerful to watch. Plenty of the films themed resonated with me, demonstrating that we as a society can cultivate greater awareness of racism, bigotry and the like — through popular culture.

Now, next time you’re hunting for something to do, call a friend, pick a film, and get on over to Open Air Cinemas – it’s the most refreshingly different date.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who always makes room for dessert. Follow her on Instagram.

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