Sipping Espresso Martinis withTia Maria Coffee Project

Tia Maria partnered with Vittoria coffee to celebrate International Coffee Day for the Tia Maria Coffee Project. Held at the Cruise Bar in the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Tia Maria is on a mission to serve unique cocktail experiences to coffee lovers and cocktail enthusiasts with their signature liqueur and some creativity.

Never say one to a coffee cocktail of any sort – no less an espresso martini – I jumped at the chance to enjoy International Coffee Day in style.

Tia Maria Coffee Project

The event was open to the public, all those who registered received a free (and delicious) espresso martini on arrival. Plus, Vittoria Coffee, the third generation and 60-year-long running family business, offered free coffees from 9:00am until around 2:00pm.

In addition to the espresso martinis, Tia Maria also cooked up three other signature coffee cocktails to showcase the versatility of their beverage and also the potential new ubiquitous coffee cocktails that could be usurping espresso martinis in the future. These other cocktails were the Tia Popcorn Frappe, the Tia Coffee Tonic and Tia Flat White Russian.

Tia Maria Coffee Project

The Popcorn Frappé included Tia Maria, a double shot of espresso, milk, popcorn syrup, and some caramel popcorn on top. I enjoyed the flavour of the actual cocktail. Tasted like a grownup milkshake. However, soggy popcorn is just not something that I enjoy. Makes for a perfect Insta-pic though!

The Tia Coffee Tonic included Tia Maria, a double shot of espresso, tonic water, and a wedge of lemon. Coffee tonics have been making their rounds in the speciality coffee shops in Melbourne and Syndey. However, this was the first I had ever tasted. My taste buds were confused. It didn’t taste unpleasant, just foreign on my tongue. As a lover of G&Ts and cold brew, I think my mouth just wasn’t ready for the Tia Coffee Tonic.

Tia Maria Coffee Project

Finally, the Tia Flat White Russian. Here, Tia Maria struck absolute gold. It included Tia Maria, Mount Gay Rum, a double shot of Vittoria coffee, and cream. Similar to the Popcorn Frappé, but so much more sophisticated. I could sip that by a roaring fire on a cold night, or by a pool on a warm summer’s day. The Tia Flat White Russian could potentially nudge the stellar espresso martini off its pedestal one day. Try to make it for yourself at home – or ask your local bartender to give it a whirl!

The Tia Maria Coffee Cocktail Futures report by the Future Laboratory, predicts that in the years to come that the coffee cocktail culture is just going to grow in popularity as consumers palates and expectations expand. They believe that coffee will be used more and more as an essential ingredient in cocktails. And from what I’ve seen at the Tia Maria Coffee Project, I welcome it.

Cheers to coffee and Tia Maria!


– Orlaith
F&B Specialist. Usually seen with a flat white in hand or on her way to a craft beer or whiskey tasting. Needs to stop buying books and start reading them.

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