A Bond Made in Bourbon: Celebrating Family Legacy with Russell’s Reserve

There’s nothing like a family bond and there’s nothing like the legacy that Russell’s Reserve celebrates with their event, ‘A Bond Made in Bourbon’. The event returned for a second run of celebrating real craftsmanship and legacy in a truly intimate setting, the timeless Kittyhawk bar in the CBD. Russell’s Reserve teamed up with artisans Bas & Lokes and Zink & Sons for exclusive craftsmanship masterclasses. Skills and stories were shared and learned, all going down sweetly with delicious bourbon.

We were greeted on arrival with a delicately sweet Boulevardier. Similar to a Negroni, but with Russell’s Reserve bourbon in the place of gin. Beautifully garnished with orange peel and served in Nick and Nora glasses with lace inlay detail. The chilled luscious cocktail lent itself perfectly to the relaxed atmosphere of the room. After mingling with other attendees, bourbon-lovers and whiskey industry experts alike, we were invited to sit and enjoy two fantastic showcases of craftsmanship.

Before the masterclasses began, Russell’s Reserve Brand Ambassador Daniele Pirotta introduced Bas & Lokes and Zink & Sons and gave those who were unfamiliar with Russell’s Reserve, some background on the bourbon. Russell’s Reserve is the culmination of the father-son bond between Jimmy and his son Eddie Russell. They have a combined tenure of more than a hundred years of bourbon-making experience. Russell’s Reserve is a testament to their distilling legacy and the strength and importance of family and tradition. Which has resulted in a bourbon that is rich in history and spicy vanilla flavours, a truly remarkable bourbon. Russell’s Reserve has found like-minded craftsmen and women in Bas & Lokes and Zink & Sons.

First up was the extremely talented Jade Bas Jones, co-founder of and designer at Bas & Lokes. She and her father started this company together, making premium leather goods, like watch straps, wallets, and more. All by hand. Jade demonstrated her amazing skills and created a gorgeous wallet right before our eyes while explaining how she and her father created this company out of nothing more than a whim and a desire to make something with their hands. Like true craftspeople.

Afterwards, Daniele ran through two small batch bourbons we enjoyed on the night. First up, the 10-year-old Russell Reserve, followed by the Single Barrel, a big, bold and warming whiskey. Both matured in charred virgin casks, and have been praised the world over for their superb quality.

Finally, we were given an insight into the world of premium bespoke suits thanks to Daniel Jones, of Zink & Sons. Like Eddie Russel, Daniel Jones grew up around his father’s craft. Watching suits take form from rolls of fabric. He is the sixth generation of his family making beautifully tailored suits. You could say his craft is in his blood. He detailed his family legacy, all while Daniele modelled his own suit, a creation of Zink & Sons, and Daniel himself demonstrated how he and his father make bespoke suits by hand.

This shared passion for strong family bonds and the respect for familial traditions and legacies are at the core of this event. If you are disappointed that you missed out, fear not. Bas & Lokes, Zink & Sons, and Russell’s Reserve will be hosting two more Bond Made in Bourbon masterclass events, which will be held in Sydney throughout September. Bas & Lokes will host the first masterclass on Thursday, 6 September 2018. Zink & Sons will host the second event on Thursday, 20 September 2018. The masterclasses will follow the same lineup as the event we attended, with some extra perks. Each Bond Made in Bourbon event will also include a special bourbon masterclass. Check out the links below to reserve your spot!


– Orlaith
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To attend Russell Reserve’s Bond Made in Bourbon, reserve your spot at Bas & Lokes masterclass on Thursday 6th September here, and Zink & Sons masterclass on Thursday 20th September here.


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