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Celebrate World Tequila Day with Bar Patrón

World Tequila Day is 24 July, and where better to celebrate than the inimitable Bar Patrón? The Circular Quay restaurant — part of the famed Rockpool Dining Group — is serving up a menu to celebrate. Splash out and enjoy a splash or two of the finest tequila in the world.

On World Tequila Day, Bar Patrón sets you up with the best deal: order the $65 tasting menu, and the tasting flight from Bar Patrón’s exclusive barrel select series is 100% free. Talk about a reason to celebrate!

The Plus Ones enjoyed a preview of the lavish tasting menu and complimentary (not to mention complementary) tequila flight. There might even have been a $100 Millionaire’s Margarita involved…

Bar Patrón Sydney

For starters, let’s talk about the guacamole. The Plus Ones in Sydney is run by two Americans — so we know our guac from our guac. It was all the waitstaff could do to pry the tortilla chips out of my hands and begin serving the other courses, that’s how good it was. But I’m glad they forced me to give up the guac, because the rest of the meal was just as good. Designed by Head Chef Pamela Valdés, she shows infectious enthusiasm for showcasing Mexico’s varied cuisines.

I had a bite or two of the Ensalada de Atun (Yellowfin tuna with avocado and cherry tomatoes), but saved my appetite for the super-yum flathead served on a soft tortilla. The cheese-stuffed zucchini flowers with salsa cruda were fantastic. And the grilled marinated skirt steak — well, let’s just say I didn’t need the mounds of red rice, refried beans, and grilled spring onions (but I ate them anyway).

Bar Patrón Sydney

Now, what to wash this all down with? Tequila, of course. Bar Patrón serves 19 varieties of Patrón, many of them exclusive either to Australia or the world. Rockpool Dining Group national bar manager Ryan Gavin was on hand to explain everything there is to know about tequila. The humble blue agave has been elevated to perfection, particularly when it comes to the cocktails. With some guests going for a classic Paloma, Ace and I opted for the Clarified Margarita. An entirely see-through margarita, it has to be seen (and drunk) to be believed.

On Wold Tequila Day at Bar Patrón, the exclusive barrel select series tasting comes gratis with your tasting menu. Ryan set out the three tequilas we were to try — each aged in different kinds of oak. French, American, Hungarian — which one was the best? I betrayed my countrymen and had to admit the Hungarian oak imparted the best flavour. But don’t let me influence you. You’ll just have to try all three for yourself.

Bar Patron Sydney

But not before you finish off with dessert, as we did. Full to the gills with all that guacamole I’d devoured, I didn’t think I’d have room for dessert. Luckily, my extra dessert stomach (we all have one) allowed me to indulge in both the Flan Napolitano or Tres leches cake. The Flan is made with tequila; the tres leches has marshmallows. Again, you’ll have to try both to see which is your favourite.

And lest I neglect the best part of the night: the Millionaire’s Margarita. Designed by bar manager Ryan Gavin, the amazing cocktail will indeed set you back $100 — but for good reason. It’s not just the theatrics of having a cart brought to your table, dry ice poured out with a flourish. No — it’s also because each ingredient in the masterpiece concoction is incredibly expensive. We’re talking Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac that’s over 100 years old. Rare Patrón Burdeos tequila. And the entire thing is topped off with gold leaf. World Tequila Day may very well combine with Treat Yo’self Day. So just do it!

Bar Patron Sydney

No matter how far you splash out at Bar Patrón’s World Tequila Day, you’ll have a magnificent time. The Circular Quay location, the beyond-divine guacamole, the pours of world-class tequila. They all combine into a wonderful evening. If you make it for World Tequila Day, all the better — but if you don’t, Bar Patrón will still be there to say Bienvenido (welcome).

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa ate her weight in guacamole and plans to return for more. Follow her antics on her Instagram.

Bar Patrón celebrates World Tequila Day (24 July 2018) by offering you a complimentary exclusive barrel select series tasting when you order the $65 set menu. Make a booking now.

Bar Patrón
2 Phillip St.
Sydney NSW 2000

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Rockpool.
Image credit: Rockpool.
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