Sydney Comedy Festival – Craig Low – ‘Name Dropping With Lowie’

Have you met any terrible encounters with celebrities in your life? Craig Low asked the crowd at the door Enmore Theatre before his “Name Dropping With Lowie” comedy show at the 18th Sydney Comedy Festival. Craig, an Aussie boy, lives in L.A. with his girlfriend. Her last name is Card, first name Green. Craig has always been a celebrity chaser, and he is willing to namedrop, telling some of the unknown insider secrets in Hollywood.

As a teenager, he soon rose to fame on live commercial radio in Queensland, where he interviewed celebrities like the band of brothers’ trio Hanson. He’s trailed Hollywood heavyweights like the Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, film producer Steven Spielberg, and actor Jonah Hill and was a script consultant for The Kardashians. Lowie has the inside goss on Hollywood celebrities.

Craig also asked the audience about their celebrity encounters. The stories are hilarious, like when a lady claimed that she met The Queen at a friend’s party. The Queen apparently even picked up a sausage roll off the floor and ate it, following the three seconds rule. Another gentleman told us that he has met Daniel Craig before at a bathroom, (total coincidence, of course).

The show features one specific story that Craig is legally not allowed to tell in America due to a non-disclosure agreement but will be performing exclusively in Australia. Thanks for an amazing night for including some of the highlights from Russell Crowe’s present for Craig’s 21st birthday, coming face-to-face with Arnold Schwarzenegger on a sound stage in LA, being threatened by Hanson over a joke about anal, and even Kanye West telling Craig he f&*%ed up his dinner.

– KC
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