Marcel Blanch de Wilt

2018 Sydney Comedy Festival : Marcel Blach-de Wilt – Love + Cordial – The Plus Ones Sydney

Love + Cordial is Marcel Blanch-de Wilt’s show at this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival. Ostensibly about break up and cordial related puns and jingles, the show sounded good. A little research into Marcel’s performance background showed that he had already done the rounds at a number of comedy and fringe festivals around Australia. With this in mind and intrigued by the sticky sweet pull of an evening promising multiple cordial related puns (along the lines of you are cordially invited) my plus one and I headed to the Factory Theatre.


In the Factory’s aptly named ‘Container’ we were treated to enigmatic and energetic explanations of energy building and the beginnings of a comedy show. From the get go we were involved and, rare for a comedy show, feeling like part of a community of Marcel fans.


Knowing that his name is a definite talking point, he started there with an introspective and slightly self-denigrating introduction to himself, his name and his life. Starting from childhood and comfort zones, we were taken on a journey – a journey of analysis involving the long list of mistakes bringing Marcel to the present day.


Love + Cordial covers a lot of ground. Everything from boating to playlists and from growing up in Adelaide to the importance of keeping a party going. Marcel delivers Love + Cordial with puns, one liners, lots of audience involvement and beautiful props. But that’s not what is most impressive. Rather, it’s Marcel’s ability to be completely funny and relateable while weaving his musical and acting training so effortlessly into the show. Think lots of singing, dancing and 80s music. What’s not to love?


Marcel Blanch-de Wilt will be back at the Factory Theatre for one more show on Friday 4th – make sure you get tickets now to avoid disappointment.


Elli de Ryckman de Betz is a firm believer of the saying Inner-West is best and continues to aggressively canvass all of the Inner-West’s events, music and comedy for The Plus Ones.


Love + Cordial is showing on the 2nd & 4th May 2018 (60 mins) at The Factory Theatre. Purchase tickets now. The venue is not accessible.

To keep up to date with upcoming shows you can check out his check out his website.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were guests of Kabuku PR.
Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.