2018 Sydney Comedy Festival – Get Rickshaw Die Trying

Jeeves Verma is back again for his fourth appearance at the Sydney Comedy Festival. This time with his new show Get Rickshaw Die Trying. Of course, the anticipation has been mounting. With several years of Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festival tours under his belt, a variety of local open mic and sketch shows, together with several appearances on ABC comedy sketches, Jeeves Verma is certainly gaining a lot of airtime. My curiosity adequately piqued, my plus one and I headed down to the Factory Theatre in Marrickville to check out Get Rickshaw Die Trying.

It’s easy to see why Jeeves Verma has been steadily growing in popularity- he is absolutely lovely. Most people who are as nice as Jeeves don’t need to be as funny. You know, there is a limit on the number of positive personality traits one person can have.

But Jeeves manages it, in his personality, coupled with his humour and the delivery of his jokes. There is no below the belt, know-you-shouldn’t-find-it-funny-but-laugh-anyway kind of humour, nothing that picks on or denigrates anyone else. It’s all just refreshingly good humour that has to do with his unique views, together with his experience of the world. That is, a world with high expectations from your parents, a dating and relationship minefield and an interesting take on cultural appropriation.

Get Richshaw Die Trying was really enjoyable. Aided by illustrative props and graphs, it was an evening where great one liners, audience participation, storytelling genius and imagery abounded.

Luckily for Sydneysiders, Jeeves Verma is often found on the local circuit doing stand-up and improv, so make sure to follow him on social media and keep an eye out for future shows.


Elli de Ryckman de Betz is an avid comedy lover and consumer on the Sydney circuit, whose most recent claim to fame is writing the Plus One’s Guide to the Sydney Comedy Festival for the second year running.

Jeeve’s Verma’s Get Rickshaw Die Trying is on at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville from Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 April. Make sure to follow him on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming hilarious Jeeves related events.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Jeeves Verma.
Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.