SooZee23 Grand Opening: A Taste of Taiwan

In an interesting change from bringing us bubble-tea, the team behind the well-loved Chattime chain have launched an exciting new Taiwanese restaurant called SooZee23. At their grand opening, The Plus Ones were invited to enjoy a taste of its uniquely authentic food and drinks menu.

Promising the most true-to-Taiwan noodle soup in Sydney, a select group of us enjoyed their sumptuous starter dishes which included fried chicken and other Taiwanese staples, including chilli wontons and pork and prawn siu mai. We also sampled their unique plum and lychee flavoured sodas.

Managing Director Charlie Zhao addressed the evening’s guests, mentioning that each of the delectable dishes served were delivered by handmade cooking methods rich in tradition, passed down from three generations.

When asked about the secret to the consistency of the flavour he said, “the recipes we use, and the way we cook our dishes is the same as 70 years ago when our village in Taiwan sold handmade noodles from bicycles for the town. We hope Sydneysiders enjoy the traditional flavours that we will be cooking up.”

The stock of their signature braised beef noodle soup takes eight hours to make, and includes 23 unique spices, from which the restaurant derives its name. Other delicious menu options include chicken spicy beef, kim chi fried rice, and other house-made specialties.

You’ll find this eatery within Westfield Sydney’s already bustling fifth-floor food court. Try it out next time you’re after a taste of Taiwan.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist that always lets her tastebuds lead the way. Follow her on Instagram.

For more info, visit the SooZee23 Facebook Page.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Red Agency
Image credit: Red Agency