Bakehouse Theatre Visiting Hours

‘Visiting Hours’ – immersive theatre from bAKEHOUSE at King’s Cross Theatre

Experience immersive theatre done to perfection with bAKEHOUSE Theatre‘s production Visiting Hours. Taking place over five levels of the King’s Cross Hotel and King’s Cross Theatre, you’ve never seen anything like it before. The second you finish you’ll want to book in with friends to go back a second time.

Entering via William Street, not the main entrance, you’re immediately inducted into the mysterious medical world of Visiting Hours. Wristbands on (colours and numbers denoting which group you’ll be part of for your journey), you’re led into a multi-room, multi-level journey. Learn more about The Doctor and his mysterious off-the-grid medical sanatorium.

Bakehouse Theatre Visiting Hours

Over 20 actors and musicians combine to create an evening like no other. This sold-out hit from 2016’s VIVID Festival ‘blends music, performance, lighting and sound with a design that exploits the unique architecture of the Kings Cross Hotel’. I couldn’t begin to keep track of how many rooms or levels we went on during our timed journey. And that’s okay – it’s best to relax and let the medical professionals do what they wish.

Without giving too much away, at Visiting Hours you can expect: live music; monologues; soundscapes. You might also experience: a glowing orb the looks like the moon. A potential plague outbreak. A jazz ensemble with superstar crooner. Each room you’re led into has a different, fascinating experience to view or partake in.

Bakehouse Theatre Visiting Hours

With any immersive theatre, the full evening is impossible to truly capture — each person’s night is different than anyone else’s. In Visiting Hours, your friend might get their head measured by a nurse, while you might do calisthenic exercises. Your pal may be roped in to helping with a medical procedure, while you might be the public viewing The Doctor’s surgery.

Discussing your own journey a over a glass of wine is the perfect ending to your journey through Visiting Hours. Right before you book tickets with a different group of friends to do it all again.

Bakehouse Theatre Visiting Hours

I can only hope that bAKEHOUSE theatre puts on this triumphant piece of immersive theatre on a regular basis.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa adores immersive theatre. Follow her antics on Instagram.

Visiting Hours runs 7-17 February 2018 at King’s Cross Theatre. Buy tickets now. [NOTE: the show has sold out – join the waitlist.] The performance is not accessible.
There is also haze and flashing light, and it is not suitable for audience members under age 13.

VISITING HOURS 2018 from bAKEHOUSE on Vimeo.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited by Kabuku PR.
Image credit: Clare Hawley / Asparay Photographics.