Burlesko Bizarro

‘Burlesko Bizarro’ at Casula Powerhouse

To launch their 2018 season, Burlesko Bizarro at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre offered a night of debauchery and seduction. Gird your loins, eyes, ears and voice boxes because you’ll need a chair for this one…

Going to my very first burlesque show, I didn’t know what I was in for. In hindsight: a treat. We were greeted with cocktails at the door and canapes from their on-site Bellbird restaurant. The alcohol range and offerings were all sourced from breweries around Casula and the Greater Liverpool area. The launch speech featured Casula Powerhouse’s upcoming shows and screenings for 2018 chock full of events as the Powerhouse is open daily (excluding public holidays).

The frontwoman and presenter, Glitta Supernova, opened the show with some of the most amazing and bizarre performances I’ve seen. If you haven’t heard of Ms Supernova, she is the fairy godmother of Australian bent burlesque and a key arts and culture maker. She has been creating and producing shows for over 20 years and even opened the first Australian burlesque club back in the late 90s.

Other performances included aerial performances by the Amazing Ari, hula hoops by Hu-La-La, a vagina printing station by Betty Grumble, boobs, boobs and more boobs. The whole experience was very eclectic and energising for us. You could not help but to cheer and scream for the performances like many did so in the audience. A mixture of joy, laughs, excitement and amazement as you marvel at what these human beings can do with their body.

Leaving your prejudices at the door, the audience enjoyed and appreciated what many would call ‘unconventional’ entertainment. ‘Burlesko Bizarro’ left us satisfied and distracted us from the monotony and toxicity of today’s world. We wanted more.

– Kevin
Kevin R. is a 22-year-old Sydney local who enjoys craft beer, theatre and all things culture. Follow his adventures at @kevinr___.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Cardinal Spin.
Image credit: Casula Powerhouse.