project botanicals

Project Botanicals: a popup journey thanks to Bombay Sapphire

We’re always lucky when Project Botanicals comes to town. Each year, Bombay Sapphire showcases the world of gin, and you never know what to expect. This year it’s billed as ‘a journey to the edges of taste, music & imagination’.

Collaborating withwith Ta-kuStudio NEON, and Australia’s best cocktail bars, Bombay Sapphire have outdone themselves. The immersive sensory adventure features cocktails, food, and creative technology.

project botanicals

The location at 225 Euston Road in Alexandria served at this year’s Sydney Fringe Hub. The cavernous room is unrecognisable — it’s all projection screens and light shows, creating a special world.

As you walk in for your two-hour-long session, you’re handed a card with a map of the world. On which are the most important countries: those which produce sustainably-sourced ingredients for Bombay Sapphire’s special blend of botanicals.

project botanicals

The huge main room (with bar all along one side) has mystery doors. There’s Morocco, which grows coriander seeds; Italy, with juniper berries; Spain for lemon peel; China with liquorice; and finally Java, with the cubeb berry.

Project Botanicals’ ticket price includes four food and cocktail tasting experiences, and one signature Bombay gin and tonic twist. The dishes are created by Studio NEON‘s chef, Aaron Teece, while the cocktails are from none other than some of Sydney’s top bars: MjølnerThe Barber ShopUnion Electric Bar and Bar Moncur & Bistro Moncur.

project botanicals

We began in Morocco. With beautiful designs projected on the walls, we devoured our lamb dishes (vegetarian options are available, too), and raised a toast with our first cocktail. Heading to Java, we gazed at the volcanoes on the walls as we drank cubeb-flavoured cocktails. China was a treat, but I won’t give away the surprise – suffice to say it was delightful and interactive. I will, though recommend you finish off with the Spanish room – the lemon flavours are perfect for dessert.

After you visit all the corners of the globe, you can relax and people-watch over a final drink in the central room. As projections spin around you and you sip on yet another amazing cocktail, the world will pass you by.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa is a massive fan of Project Botanicals’ annual visits.

Project Botanicals runs 16-19 November 2017 in Sydney and 23-26 November 2017 in Melbourne.

Visit to purchase your tickets ($40 + booking fee).

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Ogilvy PR.
Image credit: Bombay Sapphire.