Menulog Movie Marathon hits Sydney

If binge-watching behaviour has taught me anything, it’s that three movies are always better than one.

Menulog brought Sydneysiders a fun-filled mid-week movie marathon hosted at Hoyts LUX Cinema Broadway, featuring all three films starring the uber eccentric Jeff Goldblum (the new face of the brand).

Instead of my couch, Australia’s largest online delivery platform came to the cinema — treating fans to pizza for dinner, popcorn, and choc-tops to boot.

Menulog Movie Marathon

Menulog brings a whole new meaning to the classic ‘dinner and a movie’ date. I brought a friend of mine along and we mingled in the cinema foyer, chatting until the evening’s film fest began. From then on it was exactly as their slogan goes: ‘less talk, more eat’.

Admittedly, we did a bit of drinking too. With our feet reclined, food in our mouths, and our eyes glued to the big screen, we really had no complaints.

An exclusive pre-screening of the newly released Thor: Ragnarok, along with other Goldblum classics, Jurassic Park, and The Fly were on the evening’s movie menu.

While my friend and I had seen Jurassic Park before, we loved the nostalgia of watching the nineties classic roar back to life. Chris Hemsworth was phenomenal in the latest Marvel classic Thor: Ragnarok, which is a hilariously funny film that’s worth seeing as soon as possible.

Menulog Movie Marathon

Despite being past my bedtime on a school night, my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed Menulog’s Goldblum-a-thon.

Have you ever gone to the cinema while the people sitting by you just wouldn’t stop chatting? Let’s just say, there wasn’t too much of that. If you missed Goldblum’s hilarious Aussie TV debut, you’ll realise that ‘silence is Goldblum’. And it’s true — because next time you’re hungry, you don’t need to chat about it. At the touch of button, the food will come to you.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who loves movies most when combined with meals. Follow her on: @jillamint

For more information, head to Menulog’s website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Keep your eye on Menulog’s Facebook and Instagram pages, or follow the hashtag #LessTalkMoreEat.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Red Agency.
Image Credit: Red Agency.