Whisky 101 Masterclass with Dramnation

Finding the perfect single malt was my number one mission when I attended Dramnation’s Whisky 101 Masterclass. Hosted by the ever-so-knowledgeable Matthew Wooler and held at Castle Hill’s exclusive cocktail bar, Crooked Tailor. It was the perfect way to wind down the weekend on a Sunday afternoon.

Attendees were greeted with a whisky cocktail and were able to mingle before heading up the stairs to start the whisky tasting. Matt and his team had set up the event perfectly, with cheese boards, chocolate and a generous serving of each whisky. Informative sheets were given to us about the whisky including recipes for how we could make our own inspired whisky cocktails.


We were informed about each of the whiskies that we would try and were able to ask questions throughout the event. I loved that the master classes are quite intimate, allowing everyone to engage and ask Matt a thousand and one questions about each bottle we tried. Irish, American and Australian whiskies were just a few of the many we got to try and determine which one we liked best. I loved how each whisky had a flavour distinct to their country of origin. The American whisky had smoky and ashy tones whereas the Irish whisky contained oak spices and high sugary notes. To my surprise some of the whiskies I enjoyed the most weren’t highly expensive, only proving it’s about the flavour, not the price tag.


We were also informed of the process used to make whisky, which is of course different depending where you are in the world and the techniques used to make the flavours greater. I learnt you can dilute the whisky with a little water to open up the flavour. We were also encouraged to eat a little bit of mozzarella cheese in between tastings to allow us to have a clearer tasting. We drank from opulent ‘nosing glasses’ that allowed us to experience the full flavours of the soothing drink. I’d highly recommend trying out the Starward Solera Single Malt, it’s produced in Melbourne and it’s unreal. With fruity caramelised banana tones and an oaky char it’s like a liquid dessert! You’ll be tasting whisky like a pro in no-time.

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Dramnation are all about Whisky appreciation and their ethos is simple – enjoy whisky for what it is and not for what you are told it should be.
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Disclosure: The Plus One’s were invited guests by Matthew Wooler of Dramnation.
Image credit: Matthew Wooler.