27 Things Worse Than Voting ‘YES’ by October 27

The same-sex marriage postal survey has been sent out to homes across Australia. It asks, “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” to be sent back by October 27 at the latest. Here is our definitive list of 27 things worse than saying YES to same sex marriage.

1. Stubbing your toe.

2. When the Macca’s drive-thru people forget your nuggets.

3. When someone ruins the ending of your favourite TV show.

4. When someone leaves the door open after coming to your room.

5. Walking behind slow people.

6. When you think someone is waving at you but they’re waving at the person behind you.

7. Finding a friend at a music festival.

8. Donald Trump.

9. Being left on seen.

10. The nervous anticipation of having a debit card possible declined.

11. Running for the train and having the doors close in your face.

12. Scooping ice cream when it’s still solid.

13. When your phone is too far away.

14. When your chopsticks don’t snap apart neatly.

15. North Korea.

16. Your phone dying.

17. Your house plant dying.

18. Your pet rock dying.

19. Unsolicited d#@k pics.

20. When your Uber driver gets lost on the way to you.

21. When your Deliveroo is taking too long.

22. Restaurants that don’t split the bill.

23. Forgetting to save a document and losing hours of work.

24. Not getting a seat and trying not to fall while standing on a bus.

25. Dabbing.

26. Not making it to the bottle-o before it closes.

27. Pauline Hanson.

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Photos: Mark Duncan (edited), Wikipedia