‘Skeletons and Self-Portraits’ – a new all-female play

Emerging writer and actor Emily Dash curates the second chapter in the series, Skeletons and Self-Portraits, on 29 July at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists.

An all-female cast sets out to tackle gender stereotypes in this mini-festival. Through film screenings, performances, and live music the performers challenge perceptions about strength and vulnerability.

One performer stands half-naked in-front of a mirror and mercilessly scrutinises her body. Although she doesn’t say a word, her facial expression conveys disgust and disappointment with her set-up. She layers on makeup, trying to hide her flaws and insecurities.

On the opposite spectrum, a different performer decides to use her biological make-up to her advantage. Playing on the weakness of man, she seduces a university lecturer with her sexual prowess. The affair is based on a mutual agreement that she will be graded with High Distinctions for all her assessments—but the lover of men gloats that it’s much more than a grade-mark. “I love HDs,” she said. “High Distinctions and Hard Dicks.”

PACT Artistic Director and CEO, Katrina Douglas sees the performances as a triumph in addressing and breaking down these restraining stereotypes.

“Gender equality is central to everything we do at PACT and we are proud of our long history of supporting and developing some of the best female artists in Australia. Skeletons and Self-Portraits builds on this success by showcasing a group of brilliant, provocative artists.”

 Skeletons and Self-Portraits shows the two, completely different paths one can take when confronted with a stereotype. On one hand, you can can allow it to determine who you are, but on the other, you can boldly overstep the bounds and create your own person. Of the two different paths, only one leads to self-love.

The third and final installation of the series is scheduled for later this year. Although the date is undisclosed, you can expect more of the same, powerful performances and confronting themes. So keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the next opening date.

– Aidan
Freelance journalist — because if nobody else is going to employ him, he’ll employ himself.

Skeletons and Self-Portraits runs on 29 July 2017, 6-10pm (240 mins) at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is accessible.

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