Sydney Science Festival 2017: The Plus Ones’ guide to the top 5 events

The Sydney Science Festival is near and this year, it consists of over 150 events for all age groups. The events range from school and family events, to talks, to exhibitions and workshops and cover a large variety of topics. The following are our top picks.

Wildlife Forensics Sydney Science Festival

Wildlife Forensics

Wildlife Forensics

On August 17, UNSW will open its doors for a two-hour lecture about how insects and other animals can help solve crimes and how cutting-edge techniques used in the process.


Cracking the World of Forensics

On August 11, the Powerhouse Museum will hold a special talk about the science behind body farms and body decomposition. This talk will explain how what we see on TV, works in real life.

Sydney Science Festival

Cracking the World of Forensics


Designer Babies: What would you pay for Genetic perfection?

This talk will be held at the University of Sydney, on August 10 and will discuss the advances in gene-editing technology. However, it will also discuss the ethical problems that come with these advancements.

Dive into the Fintastic World of Sharks

The Manly Sanctuary will open its doors on August 13 to all the lovers of Sea creatures. This event seems to be especially aimed at children, but anybody who has questions about marine life. There will be quizzes and a Q & A section.

Sherlock Holes exhibition sydney

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

From August 8 to August 20, all fans of Sherlock Holmes will have the chance to visit the exhibition about the master detective. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to solve a mystery themselves and test their crime solving talent.


The Sydney Science Festival 2017 has so much to offer that it is difficult to decide which are the top events. After all, everybody has different interests, but we all have one thing in common: We like to learn while having fun. And that is exactly what the Sydney Science Festival offers.

– Monique
Monique Pitzer was born and raised in Germany, where she also started working as a freelance journalist and freelance writer. She moved to Australia and started a business as a writer, translator, and tutor.

If you are interested in visiting one or more Sydney Science Festival events, view the program online.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Sydney Science Festival and Cardinal Spin.
Image credit: Sydney Science Festival.