The Plant at Ensemble Theatre

The opening night of The Plant at Ensemble Theatre started with a simple premise, three years on after the sudden death of a father. Sue (played by Sandy Gore) is the mother of three and widowed. With her children now all grown up, she tries to find out who she is without her husband and family.

The play takes you on a roller coaster ride of a family’s messy get-togethers and detachment from their depressed mother. They soon discover an unwelcomed houseguest at their old house. The audience is given differing perspectives from the four main characters in each scene. It was effective and essential in understanding the whole scene through each eye.

Erin, played by Helen Dalimore, is the eldest with a family of her own and is working hard to be a writer. Daniel, played by Garth Holcombe, is the son that never knew how to speak to his father. And Naomi, played by Briallen Clarke, is the youngest who gets stoned a lot. Michelle Lim Davidson as Clare was the funniest character that shocked us all. The appealing performances put together by the ensemble cast made it an enjoyable 90 minutes. It was addictive and fun.

The theatre’s stage and performance setup is very simple but intimate. The sound and lighting are not too overwhelming, leaving you enticed and fixated on the characters and plot.

Containing themes of resentment, life after death and moving on leaves us with a harrowing feeling at the end. The play explores issues about family dysfunctionalities, which the characters exonerate through their varying ages.

A coming of age story that surpasses all generations, sit back and relax as the cast of ‘The Plant’ tell you a moving story that will make you want to call your family at the end.

– Kevin
Kevin Rodrigueza is a 21-year-old Sydney local who enjoys burgers, theatre and all things culture. Follow his adventures at @kevinr___.

The Plant runs 8 July to 5 August 2017. Buy tickets now.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Ensemble Theatre.
Image credit: Prudence Upton.