Holey Moley Newtown Sydney

Holey Moley – Newtown’s new minigolf course + bar

Holy smokes, is Holey Moley ever fun! The former Newtown Social Club is transformed into an indoor minigolf paradise, and we couldn’t be happier. You’ve never experienced as much merriment until you’re whacking a golf ball around a course inside a two-story bar.

Billed as ’18 holes of the craziest mini golf you’ve ever played’, Holey Moley is like nothing you’ve ever tried. And it’s so…much…fun.

Holey Moley Newtown Sydney

The preview night before the bar opened to the public was packed to the gills with hundreds of Sydneysiders wanting an advanced peek at what’s in store for Newtown. Holey Moley doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it shows.   The tone for the evening started off perfectly: we were handed golf visors in yellow and blue, along with a cocktail concoction with Twizzlers and candy dripping off the ends.

Inside, the massive two-storey bar is divided into sections and hidden areas. There’s back garden on the ground floor, while up the trippy mirrored stairs you’ll find a rabbit warren of hallways. As if Holey Moley needed anything else to add to the fun, there are two karaoke rooms.

Holey Moley Newtown Sydney

You can spend the entire night at Holey Moley. There’s plenty of drinks, food (with an Asian-inspired menu from Take a Bao), karaoke, and yes, the main star — the mini golf.

Putt-putt was never so cool. Grab a ball, a golf club, and you’re handed a scorecard with the names of the courses — Smoking Possum on the ground floor; Kicking Bird above — and the holes. Each hole’s name is sillier and more hilarious than the next. There’s ‘Teetris’, ‘Baby’s Got Pac’, ‘Smells Like Tee Spirit’, and my favourite, ‘Nine Iron Throne’.

Whoever designed the course is a certifiable genius. We swung through a van (‘Vincent Van Go’), and experienced a Rube Goldberg machine. At ‘Oompar Loompar’, you put, hit a button, and get a surprise. The final hole of the course, the ‘Nine Iron Throne’, has a wonderful Game of Thrones throne to sit in.

Holey Moley Newtown Sydney

We only putted our way through half the 18 holes. All the more reason to return to Holey Moley with friends for an entire(ly fun) evening out with mates.

We’ll see you on the green.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa can’t wait to bring a group back to Holey Moley.

Holey Moley
387 King St.
Newtown NSW 2042

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of AC Agency.
Image credit: AC Agency.