Sydney’s grooviest hot drinks to warm up your winter

It’s true the cold winter weather makes us Sydneysiders want to curl up in to a ball with the heater running full blast, however say goodbye to boring herbal tea and hello to flavoured lattes, because we’ve compiled a list of unique warm drinks that’ll have you hugging your coffee cup like an old friend.

WellCo, Glebe 

Well hello WellCo, (see what I did there?) This not so hidden street café is definitely worth a visit, and not just for the food. Head upstairs and grab a seat on their balcony while you bask in the wintery sun sipping on a red velvet latte, yes you heard me right. Now you can eat your cake, and drink it too.

35 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe 2037 | www.wellcocafe.com

T Totaler, The Galleries and Newtown

This place is tea goals. The minimalist design, natural light and amazing drink combinations allows it to set the tea bar high. Watch out, coffee lovers as this place brews tea lattes. My favourite combo is the earl grey hot chocolate complete with persian fairy floss and rose petals. If you’re on more of a health kick, check out their matcha and turmeric lattes – packed full of goodness!

555A King St, Newtown 2042 | www.ttotalertea.com


The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar, Redfern and Barangaroo

What once was a former warehouse, has turned into a sanctuary where tea lovers can reunite. Redefining your usual tea experience, The Rabbit Hole’s tea menu reflects modern and traditional teas, after all a humble green tea can really do wonderful things for you! With drinks such as the ‘Ginger Snap Latte’ – warming our senses with ginger, cinnamon and honeybush, it’s easy to see why we this bar is our cup of tea.

146 Abercrombie St, Redfern 2016 | www.therabbithole.com.au

the rabbit hole

With a selection as grand as this, it’s time to get those pinkies out as these warm drinks are about more than the glassware.

– Caitlin
When she’s not globetrotting, Caitlin Martin loves to scope out Sydney’s hidden gems, with a camera and coffee in hand. Follow her adventures @caitlineliseeee.

Image credit: Wellco Cafe, T Totaler, The Rabbit Hole Tea Bar.