Wild Turkey Way Sydney launch

Celebrating Real Bourbon, The Wild Turkey Way

If there’s one thing we Aussies like, it’s doing things our way. We were among the first lucky few to sip their signature Wild Turkey Kentucky Firebird at a dedicated tasting party, held at the infamous Annandale Hotel.

The Kentucky Firebird is a bold, smoke-infused cocktail, designed to enhance the flavours of Wild’s Turkey’s premium bourbon. And boy, did it ever.

Wild Turkey Way Sydney launch

Distracted by the fascinating flames behind the bar, guests gathered around as a pair of dapper cocktail connoisseurs prepared the drink before our eyes. First, they set out burning fresh American oak woodchips, capturing the flavour-filled smoke in an inverted glass. Next, they pour in a generous helping of the pungent Wild Turkey bourbon, and mix to create a distinguished whiskey warmer that seriously satisfies.

The result is a highly sensory experience. A combination of richly aromatic smoky taste, full of bold flavours, maintaining all the weight of the well-loved American bourbon.

Wild Turkey Way Sydney launch

To complement the drinks, famed burger pioneer Josh Arthurs from Burgers by Josh put on an impressive array of food, including mini beef burgers, cheeseburger spring rolls, and sticky spicy wings.

The Hot Potato Band stole the show as the evening’s entertainment. They’re an 11-piece barrel-of-fun brass band — complete with a tuba-player, mobile percussionists, and unique lead singer who sings into a muffled megaphone. Their act relies on improvisation, marching through the venue putting smiles on the faces of every whiskey-wielding guest.

The Annandale Hotel could not have been a more appropriate venue for the launch of The Wild Turkey Way event series, which continues across Sydney and Melbourne throughout the month of May. With its relaxed, live-gig vibe, we set our drinks down on barrels doubling as tables, mingling with the managers, and enjoying dessert.

The launch of The Wild Turkey Way follows the announcement of actor and Texan native, Matthew McConaughey, joining the Wild Turkey team as official Creative Director. He says, ‘Wild Turkey has the history and qualities of a brand that depicts the dedication of someone to do something their own way’.

Wild Turkey Way Sydney launch

McConaughey has been working to tell the story behind three generations of the Russell family as they continue to create the finest example of American bourbon for over 100 years through their own traditional distilling process.

Way to go, Wild Turkey.

– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who likes whiskey with ice, and all things nice. Follow her on: @jillamint

To find out more about The Wild Turkey Way event series, visit the official Facebook page.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Eleven PR.
Image credit: David Rouse.