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VIVID Sydney: AIR at the Sydney Opera House

AIR’s heavenly performance at the Opera House epitomized everything VIVID Sydney advocates. A compelling combination of dazzling lights, hypnotic music and abstract ideas came together to produce a creative cosmic masterpiece – witnessed by a lucky few, on a world renowned stage. Pretty cool, hey.

The sleek masters of French electronic pop took to the stage dressed in brilliant white, luminous against the dark stage. It’s been nine years since they have played to an Australian audience and anticipation is rife. The crowd itched for them to begin. At one point a guy shouts from the back of the concert hall ‘Thank you for coming to Australia!’ the crowds reaction makes it clear that everyone seconds that emotion.

They chose to open with ‘Venus’ closely followed by a personal favourite ‘Cherry Blossom Girl.’ AIR’s music is truly transportive, taking you to a totally different headspace. Getting lost in the sounds of the synths, drums and bass – I found myself in a trance for the majority of the set.

Not only was the music completely bewitching, but the lighting of the whole show was completely unprecedented. Bright white stripes and spotlights panned around the stage, electric blue flashes struck as the beat repeated. Later in the show, hot pink beams light up the whole hall and it’s all my teenage dreams come to life.

The band seemed pretty laid back throughout their performance, taking it in their stride and focusing their energy on their craft. As they left the stage, the already hyped-up crowd took it up a notch so when they returned for their encore the energy was next level. ‘Sexy Boy’ echoed through the concert hall and the mood was set for their most acclaimed single with deep sunset orange lighting – it was clear the song hasn’t lost an ounce of its charm over the years. A stand-out performance and an unforgettable experience.

– Abi
Abi believes you can never wear too much leopard print or drink too much white wine. Follow her on Instagram @rincess_abi.

Vivid Sydney runs 26 May-17 June 2017 at various locations around Sydney. See the full programme of events here.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Sydney Opera House.
Image credit: Sydney Opera House.