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Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Liam Ryan – Well That’s Disappointing

From the moment he walked on stage to the last second of the show, comedian Liam Ryan had an incredible presence on stage which had the crowd hanging on to his every word. His high-energy standup features tales of past failures and is a warm-up act for a legendary headliner who doesn’t turn up. Hence the name of the show, ‘Well That’s Disappointing’.

The idea is there are 2,000 people in the crowd waiting for comedy legend Russ Danger to take stage while Liam entertains the crowd. The former journalist is a bundle of energy on stage with hilarious stories from a failed job interview to slapping himself in the face with his own sandwich. In the solid hour of comical amusement, bursts of laughter are common as he recalls situations where he tries to act cool in public but immediately fails.

He even spoke about his notorious dream job interview where he said the words ‘premature ejaculation‘ in a horrific mistake which became the talk of the town back in Perth.

His show is based on childhood and adulthood embarrassing memories which illustrated how life can come tumbling down on you unexpectedly but can be quickly fixed with some comedy.

Liam’s vigorous stage presence and keen delivery left the intimate audience in stitches and feeling at home.

– Rita
Rita Rizk is a Sydney-based journalist. She’s curious about the world, the biggest foodie alive, enjoys the outdoors, and loves music. She’s forever exploring the world. Find her on Instagram at @rritarizk and @SydneyTasteBuds.

The comedian performed at the 13th annual Sydney Comedy Festival which ran from April 24 to May 21.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Frontier Comedy.
Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.