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Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Jeff Green – Honestly!

Grab your caps, stonewashed jeans, and fanny packs. The burgeoning ubiquity of the dad-trend is showing no signs of relenting so embrace it the way technical sunglasses embrace your cheek structure and get some belly laughs with award-winning British comedian and Gatling gun of dad-humour, Jeff Green. His new show, Honestly!, is merciless.

With decades of international radio and TV experience, Green deftly observes the spheres of family life and pop-politics in an upbeat, story-teller’s tone peppered with swearing, slapstick and self-deprecation. Eight years as an expat in Melbourne has given Jeff a knack for spearheading the idiosyncrasies of Australian life. Ranging in non-discriminatory fashion over cruise culture, Aussie TV, Adelaide, and his own Australian wife and kids (Voldemort and Lucifer) with a fast Louis CK-meets-Michael McIntyre wit, his performance is warm and engagingly confident.

Rain-spattered on a boozy Friday night, the audience in the low-ceilinged and low-lit Comedy Store at Moore Park gave our modest and somewhat bumbling performer a riotous reception. Jeff Green has sharpened unashamedly middle-aged humour to a point that delivers both irreverence and searing accuracy with guaranteed laughs and, I promise, only a few dad-joke groans.

Jeff closed the show with a perfectly constructed Seinfeld-esque throwback and a giddy crowd left still giggling at his jokes. It’s a sign of a good comedian when, a couple of days later, I’m still occasionally snorting at his punchlines.

– Lena
Sydney-based Danish/U.K. journalist, Lena Hunter, is digging for gold in the city’s arts and culture scene.

Jeff’s Sydney performance was a one-off, but tickets are still available for his final tour dates: 17-20 May 2017, 8pm (60mins) at The Comic’s Lounge, North Melbourne.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Frontier Comedy.
Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.