Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Mitch Garling – Reluctance to Adult

Front and center, Mitch Garling takes you on an hour of laughs, mishaps, and life’s endless struggles. First debuting at Perth Fringe World, Garling brings his show, Reluctance to Adult to the Sydney Comedy Festival Show for the first time. It is chock full of tales being in your late 20s and unemployed, plus tips and tricks to saving money at the supermarket.

Showing at the Factory Theatre’s The Container, Garling points out numerous times the ironic reality of seeing his show (literally) in a shipping container. He found the funny side, referring to it as ‘the Factory Theatre car park’. Wearing his casual attire and messy hair, the newcomer had short skits ready to spice things up for his audience.

Garling’s brutal honesty is one of his best qualities as a comedian. He is not scared to point out the blinding spotlight that is on him — or to play an ironic portrayal of Paul Walker for a skit. His bold and raw comedy is refreshing.

Reluctance to Adult is about highlighting the difficulties and dilemmas of being an adult. To him, ‘adulting’ (as is it referred to the internet) consists of shopping for on-sale chicken schnitzels, not putting too much petrol on your 10-year-old car just in case it breaks down, and finding many reasons to tell your friends why you got engaged.

Mitch’s technique is to find the funny side to life’s monotony and to make you reminisce about childhood innocence. His effervescence will make you want to rush to the stage and give him a hug.

Mitch Garling is your non-traditional quirky comedian and he’ll make you feel warm, fuzzy, and less sad about your life.

– Kevin
Kevin Rodrigueza is a 21-year-old Sydney local and a personal lover of burgers and craft beer. Follow his adventures at @kevinr___.

Mitch Garling’s Reluctance to Adult runs 11, 13-14 May 2017 at The Factory Theatre. Buy Tickets now. 

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Iron Mic Comedy.
Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.