Pnau return to Sydney for an Epic one-off Performance


Electronic geniuses Pnau returned to The The Metro Theatre for the first time in five years, playing to an eagerly awaiting sold-out home crowd for one night only. Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes have recently welcomed Nick’s older brother Sam (Littlemore) on board, describing themselves as a ‘brotherhood.’ The Sydney born trio have a massive amount of creative energy shared between them that is ultimately infectious.

Tim Commandeur did a stellar job of warming up the already hyped up crowd by performing his first ever Commandeur show. He earned the audience’s approval early on and it didn’t take long until the whole crowd were dancing along to his upbeat electro drumming set. He was joined on stage by KLP and Yeo, who feature on tracks ‘With Me’ and ‘Speak Your Mind’ respectively. His face lit up as the crowd cheered him on and he obviously relished the moment.

Pnau’s live set was a delightful slice of dance electro heaven. They played a variety of new material mixed in with old favourites. The guys were accompanied on stage by uber-talented Kira Divine, whose impressive vocals feature on current hit single ‘Chameleon.’

A personal highlight of the evening was singing along to their 2008 hit track ‘Embrace.’ The entire audience were just as into the music as my plus one and I were, you could feel the energy radiating from person to person as everyone sang along to the much loved anthem.

It’s safe to say that Pnau’s return to Sydney was well worth the wait. As the band continuously evolve and add new layers to their sound, I’m eager to see what’s next for Pnau as their vision unfolds later this year.

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Listen to Chameleon now and like Pnau’s Facebook Page for more information on upcoming events. 

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of etcetc.
Image Credit: Pnau.