Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Alice Fraser – Empire

If there’s one person that can leave you with something to think about later, it’s Alice Fraser. The award-winning writer, comedian, and performer is a natural communicator with the ability to tackle clever topics with humour and understanding. She presents her show Empire at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Her messy, silly, and gut-punching comedy is a performance that stays with you, makes you likely to shed a tear before it’s done, and keeps you wanting more.

Dressed in all red with glitter on her face, the ex-lawyer lit up the stage with her Disney Villain costume, emphasizing how ‘sexy’ the evil characters in Disney movies were. Alice wants you to know that conflict scares her, stereotypes are pointless and mean, and her gut is never right.

The show extracted the memories of her upbringing, her time in the Middle East, and her friends which are very interesting to say the least. She definitely knows how to mix it up and change the mood, especially when she feels the crowd have quieted down. Her stand-up is touching and entertaining — she even managed to pull out a banjo and sing a song to a man in the crowd.

The stage is a challenge for her and the audience makes her happy. Fraser ended the show with a real emotional punch which had the crowd talking way after the show had ended.

The show is a must, she’s brilliant.

– Rita
Rita Rizk is a Sydney-based journalist. She’s curious about the world, the biggest foodie alive, enjoys the outdoors, and loves music. She’s forever exploring the world. Find her on Instagram at@rritarizk and @SydneyTasteBuds.

Alice Fraser – Empire runs 4-7 May 2017 at The Enmore Theatre. Buy tickets now.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Frontier Comedy.
Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.