Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Ash Williams – Back in Business

For some serious illegal business advice about how to score a free car and max out your credit card, Ash Williams has it all. In his Sydney Comedy Festival Show, Back to Business, the comedian, actor, and writer had some motivational advice on how to get sent straight to jail. He had all the tricks up his sleeve including how to maximise tax returns, credit card repayment strategies, and ideas on how to never give back anything borrowed.

The former bankrupt and half-naked nightclub bar tender delivered a brilliant one-hour stand up to an intimate crowd. He’s truly a jack of all trades and prides himself on serving nipple shots at a gay bar to get by.

Back when times were tough for Ash, he was quick to think of ways to get back on his feet with a dodgy business degree from Deakin University. He spoke about how he learnt to be an untraditional and quirky businessman and shared hilarious stories along the way. Ash spoke about the days when he had a roommate who happened to be his mother and how he stole a hire car from Budget to get around. He had a lot of photographic evidence and audio samples which prove many of the anecdotes actually did happen to him. It makes the show ever more gut-punchingly entertaining and adds an extra facet to the crowd’s laughter.

Each comical story ended with a tip of how to be a successful business person, which the crowd took with a grain of salt. The audience was left laughing and surprised that he had been through so much in such little time.

Ash ended the show with a bang, playing disco music on his infamous keyboard, leaving the music ringing in our ears even after the show. We were all also given degrees in business, at a Harvard equivalent, and shirts which read: ‘Ash Williams: Business School College University.’

It was a fun show which is a must see!

– Rita
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Ash Williams – Back in Business runs 4-7 May at The Enmore Theatre. Buy tickets now.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Frontier Comedy.
Image credit: Sydney Comedy Festival.