Daniel Muggleton Sydney Comedy FestivalDaniel Muggleton Sydney Comedy Festival

Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Daniel Muggleton – Let’s Never Hang Out

The Sydney Comedy Festival is back, and with it a whole shedload of new talent, old favourites, and emerging stars. After touring Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival, Daniel Muggleton returns with a brand-new show, Let’s Never Hang Out.

Comedy festivals can be a blessing and a curse. The plus side being tonnes of new acts and incredible talent right on your doorstep. The down side – trying to decide who to see. I previously picked the top ten acts worth seeing this year, and Muggleton was one of them. Law student turned comedian, with an array of comedy shows and festivals to his name, Muggleton sounds impressive.

Having never seen him live, my plus one and I headed over to The Factory in Marrickville to find out if he lived up to the hype. The matchbox theatre was full but the setting still felt intimate. Muggleton played on this by interacting with his audience — picking particularly on the front row.

After seeing the show I can confidently say that I back my choice. Muggleton was fresh, self-aware, and obviously talented. His show was an hour nonstop of laughs, and he covered an incredible amount of material. His intelligence shines through the jokes and lifts them to an even higher level.

His topics broached everything from naming DJs to the politics of voting, rich kids in Sydney, and sex. Part well-rehearsed comedy gold and part off-the-cuff witty banter, I’d been excited to see him and I found him even more likeable than I’d expected.

If none of that convinces you then it may be worth noting that tickets to his show are a steal at only $15. Muggleton’s clearly a professional so make sure you buy your tickets now and don’t miss out.

– Elli
Elli de Ryckman de Betz is a Sydney local who loves to laugh, eat, and write.  

Daniel Muggleton’s Let’s Never Hang Out runs 3-7 May 2017, 9.30pm at The Factory Theatre. Buy tickets now.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Mug & Kettle.
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