Royal Easter Show Sydney

The Royal Easter Show at Sydney Olympic Park: a foodie’s delight

From lasagna on a stick to crispy fried pork knuckles, the Royal Easter Show sure satisfied all the foodies out there, including myself. Yes, I’m a massive foodie. And to be honest, I was expecting nothing more than a few hot dogs and lemonade stands at the Show.

But to my surprise, the hundreds of food kiosks and stalls out there were a mix of unique international cuisines. My plus one was on the prowl for dessert, while I was looking for the savoury options.

Royal Easter Show Sydney

For savory dishes, the options were huge but the bacon-wrapped glazed giant turkey legs stole my attention. Topped with smokey bbq sauce, it was messy and absolutely delicious.

But that was just the entrée. Next was the authentic German cuisine. The menu included sausages, pork knuckle, pommes frites, and giant pretzels. Of course, the huge crispy deep-fried pork knuckle was the way to go. It did not disappoint. The crunch could be heard from miles away. It was the first time I’ve tried it, and dare I say, it won’t be the last.

Royal Easter Show Sydney

The flavours of Brazil were just around the corner. We headed straight there to finish off tantalizing our savouring taste buds. My plus one and I are the biggest meat lovers, so we left this cuisine for last.  As we approached the open fire charcoal barbeque, we could smell the succulent beef, chicken, pork, lamb and chorizo sausage roast slowly. It was enough for us to look at each other and know what we’re thinking.

Royal Easter Show Sydney

Soon after, it was time for dessert. A sugar rush was needed. It didn’t take long to find the one that hit the sweet spot: a donut with a hot shot of Nutella. The same kiosk also had deep-fried donuts filled with Oreos. It was heaven in a box.

Just a few kiosks down, there was Waffleland. The name gives it away. Yes, it was a kiosk every dessert lover craves. Their specialty was a shareable cup of waffles, Oreos, violet crumble, salted caramel, wafer sticks, fairy floss, ice cream, marshmallows and Nutella. Sharing is caring, but I would have eaten that all by myself very easily.

Royal Easter Show Sydney

On that note, I’m sure I wasn’t the only foodie that was having a field day at the Easter Show this year. Hopefully it keeps getting better and coming up with more ways to keep foodies like me satisfied. Keen to know what your favourite dish was at the Easter Show?

– Rita
Rita Rizk is a Sydney-based journalist. She’s curious about the world, the biggest foodie alive, enjoys the outdoors, and loves music. She’s forever exploring the world. Find her on Instagram at@rritarizk and @SydneyTasteBuds.

The Royal Easter Show runs annually in Sydney over, you guessed it, Easter. Follow to stay up-to-date.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were paying guests.
Image credit: Rita Rizk.