Learn to be a chef with VictorsFood

Cooking is certainly an art. With the advent of UberEats and restaurants aplenty, many of us don’t really give it the attention or prepare their own meals at all. If you are one of these people but want to upskill yourself in the kitchen, then it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned cooking class!

I was invited to VictorsFood’s one-day cooking class, Learn to be a Chef. It was a setting where it really did not matter whether you had any experience in the kitchen or not – the chef du jour, ex-New York restaurateur Victor Pisapia, took every one by hand and explain it all from scratch.

Starting out, we arrived at a gorgeous apartment in Waterloo, overlooking the Sydney skyline through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors. There were eight of us in total with varying levels of experience, but everyone was keen to learn something new. We were all offered an apron and a proper ‘cooking hat’ with our names on them! We started off with some knife skills which were absolutely essential, as Victor explained. About an hour or two passed while we learned how to use the knife, keep one’s cooking space clean and prepare some delectable dishes from across the globe.

Along the way, Victor gave us plenty of quick and easy tips and tricks about all things Chefly. From the eggplant that we directly cooked on a gas flame over to the perfect timing for quinoa to easy little lime tarts – everybody enjoyed preparing and learning together.

By the time, all the dishes were ready to eat, we all sat down together with a glass of wine and enjoyed our well-deserved mean – without really believing that we prepare those delicious meals ourselves! Paired with some great conversations and banter at the table, learned more and were fascinated by Victor’s background. Having lived in New York for years before moving to sunny Australia, Victor had owned and operated some of the hottest restaurants in the big apple back in the day. He was (and is) an awesome chef, a great teacher, and taught with a side of humor and personality: he made us actually want to keep cooking better outside of class.

All in all, it was a great experience which was not only really informative and helpful but also a fun and enjoyable day. We walked in novices and came out knowing how to make kick-ass Baba Ghanouj, Chicken Chimichurri, Vietnamese Vegetable and Mint Salad, Quinoa Salad, and Key Lime Tarts. After the course, we were provided all the recipes and some pictures of the class.

Operating under the brand ‘Sydney Cooking Classes,’ Victor and his team of stellar chefs also offer more specialized classes, from Thai to Mexican Fiesta, Feast of Marrakech to Hawker-style Street Food. So whether it’s just about getting started in the kitchen or learning something new and exciting in fun company, you can’t go wrong with an afternoon at Victor’s!

– Elena Bergmann

To book a class with VictorsFood, visit www.sydneycookingclasses.com.au.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of VictorsFood.
Image credit: The Plus Ones.