Movenpick Matcha

Mövenpick: A Matcha Made in Heaven

Mövenpick certainly know how to raise the bar and stay ahead of the game each time they bring out something new for us to enjoy. Their new venture into the world of matcha is no exception. Matcha has been having a moment for a while now, so there’s sure to be some superfan’s out there who have been waiting patiently for this day.

Mövenpick have been working tirelessly to perfect a Japanese matcha flavoured hand rolled waffle cone, the ideal addition to have with any of their delightful Swiss made ice cream.

I headed down to their George street boutique to sample the new Matcha cone and even got to have a go at making one of my very own! When we arrived we could choose any flavour ice cream to go with our Matcha cone, I eventually decided on white chocolate and vanilla, my plus one decided to go with the Swiss chocolate and vanilla and brownie. Both of us were very happy with our choices! The matcha cone has a lovely luminescent emerald colour, making it very ‘instaworthy’, as well as a subtle taste as not to overpower the ice cream.

All of the cones are freshly hand made at each location everyday, to ensure you get the very best and crisp cone! Mövenpick also make sure that they only use the very finest natural ingredients, so you will be certain to enjoy some of the very best Swiss ice cream around, plus they’ve worked alongside Vanilla Zulu’s Executive chef and acclaimed Author, Mel Townsend to create the very best recipe for the new Matcha waffle cone.

– Abi Andrew

New to Sydney life but dying to experience everything the city has to offer, Abi believes you can never wear too much leopard print or drink too much white wine. Follow her on Instagram @rincess_abi

The Mövenpick Matcha waffle cone, which also comes in a cute little basket shape and great for sharing amongst friends, is available at Movenpick’s 23 boutiques nationwide from March 20th. So what are you waiting for, go Matcha mad now.


Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Mövenpick.
Image Credit: Mövenpick.