Endeavour Tap Rooms The Rocks Sydney

Endeavour Tap Rooms brings craft beer to The Rocks

The Rocks is known for its historic pubs, but until now there wasn’t a brewery actively brewing other than the beloved Lord Nelson Hotel. Thanks to Endeavour Tap Rooms, all that has changed.

Endeavour Vintage Beer Co. spent several years looking before they found the perfect spot to open their brewpub: the former King’s Head Hotel in The Rocks. Working with hospo maestros Applejack Hospitality, who also run sleek bar Bondi Hardware, meant that they could re-fit the historic space in style.

Endeavour Tap Rooms The Rocks Sydney

I’d visited just when it opened, but was thrilled to return for their official launch party. With endless beer flowing and a selection from their menu, it was the perfect way to spend an evening in The Rocks.

The heritage building has rooms kitted out in glorious Victorian-style wallpapers, making you feel like there could be men in top hats and women in bustles in the next room. Stairs lead both to the brewery downstairs and spacious dining areas upstairs.

Endeavour Tap Rooms The Rocks Sydney

Walk down the hallway when you enter Endeavour Tap Rooms and you’ll come to the main bar. My +1 (and fellow craft beer enthusiast) boldly made her way through the entire list of beers on tap, while I contented myself with trying a smaller selection.

The 2016 Growers Pale Ale, Fresh Draught (lager), Growers Summer Ale (blonde ale), Harvest Mid (pale ale) went down a treat. My pick is the Summer Ale – but of course, heading into autumn you’ll want to try the darker items like the Australian Brown Porter, gypsy brewed at Willie the Boatman. There are wines and cocktails on the drinks list as well.

Endeavour Tap Rooms The Rocks Sydney

A selection of their beers are brewed on-site at Endeavour Tap Rooms thanks to their Spark 600, an ‘all-in-one brewhouse’ installed in the basement. (Most of their beer is still brewed off-site.) I was told that they’ll soon be offering mini tours – one more reason to return.

Add in the food and you have yourself a winner. At the launch party, we enjoyed smoked lamb ribs served on cabbage with fennel slaw. My friends and I couldn’t get enough of the smoked chicken wings with herbed dip – but there are plenty of options to tempt vegetarians and pescatarians, too.

Endeavour Tap Rooms The Rocks Sydney

‘Brew – Drink – Dine’ their menus trumpet. This trifecta of hospitality needs makes Endeavour Tap Rooms the newest go-to spot in The Rocks. It’s wonderful seeing more craft beer venues opening up in Sydney, particularly in tourist-heavy areas. I’ll be visiting Endeavour Tap Rooms times in future, I know.

Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa loves showcasing the growing craft beer scene.

Endeavour Tap Rooms
39-43 Argyle Street
The Rocks, Sydney 2000

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Pendulum Communications.
Image credit: Guy Davies Photography and Endeavour Tap Rooms.
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