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Ice Cream Truck Launch Party: Grabbing a scoop from Over the Moo

Heading into a ‘discreet’ location for Over the Moo’s ice cream truck launch, I found myself at a not-so secret warehouse party in The Works Glebe for this not-so secret ice cream. There were free beers, plenty of champagne, good hummus, and a giant horse statue that featured a ‘do not climb’ sign. As well as an engaging Instagram contest that got everyone snapping away.
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The first flavour we tried was the ‘Wham! Bam! Pandan!’ I really like pandan, as a 21-year-old Asian man, and this was a good take on the classic flavour. Sitting a top of the gelato goodness is a mochi ball and a toffee shard. The butterscotch sauce that coats this loaded cup tasted divine; cold and creamy sugar goodness.

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We then tried ‘Down the Donut Hole.’ The caramel flavoured sorbet was jam-packed with a salted choc fudge, a donut, and finished with a pretzel peanut butter sauce. It was so nutty that I had to double check what was actually in my mouth. But honestly, it felt like an ice cream sandwich just deconstructed. My indulgent childhood memories started coming back to me.

The night was all about the delicious and delectable Over The Moo Ice Cream Truck, a 1981 Ford Transit, that was at the center of the night. Definitely a throwback to the classic neighbourhood trucks. A friendly New Zealander kept us entertained whilst we waited in line. The vibe of the whole room felt like I walked in on a really cool house party, complete with ping-pong table competitions and a very fluffy dog amongst the crowd.

Meeting Alex, the founder, gave insight into the history and creation of his brand. The coconut milk-based ice cream is one of Sydney’s first trucks to offer the better alternate ingredient. Don’t be deceived by their dairy-free or even the Vegan label, they pride themselves as good ice cream first! The ‘nice cream’ truck will be around festivals, events and your street soon.

– Kevin
Kevin Rodrigueza is a 21-year-old ice cream lover who also enjoys theatre, craft beer and time with friends. Follow his adventures at @kevinr___.

Learn more about Over the Moo. And grab a scoop near you today!

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Over the Moo.
Image credit: Over the Moo Ice Cream.