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Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge Fun Run – ‘ROC Race’

There’s a high chance you’ve seen (or tried) the mannequin challenge, or the infamous ice-bucket challenge — but how about ROC Race: The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge?

Unlike the viral internet variety, this challenge invites you to grab a team of your wackiest mates to tackle a plethora of larger-than-life obstacles assembled to make up a half-day wet and wild adventure.

ROC Race

Last weekend, 17,000 ROC stars gathered at Sydney Olympic Park to ‘get ridiculous’ at Sydney’s biggest organised 5 kilometre fun run, reminiscent of the popular game show Wipeout.

They’d set up 12 epic inflatable obstacles over a 5km course, including the thrills and spills of Wrecking Balls, Leap of Faith, Foam of Fury, The Sweeper, and more. They’re all literally as fun as they sound.

My squad and I rolled into ROC Race pumping Kris Kross’ Jump Around, parked our car, and picked up our race kits. Even though it was raining, nothing could dampen our sky-high spirits (since we were ready to get messy anyway).

The course made us feel like complete and utter kids again. Featuring a bunch of trampoline tasks, the simple act of bouncing makes you lose yourself in laughter.

ROC Race

I quickly learnt that there’s really no glamorous way to climb a wet wooden wall, or stride across a line of three giant inflatable balls. But really, who cares? Despite the fact that we all looked like wet seals, rolling around and trying to support our own body weight, the race was an absolute ball.

Pulling silly faces and laughing uncontrollably, this event is a Go Pro user’s dream. Many ROC racers wielded their cameras while trying various stunts, looks, and landings.

Colourful team costumes, silly socks, and hilarious headbands were not uncommon — anything weird and wonderful went. As an untimed race, free from mud crawls and electrocution, ROC Race is for everyone from couch potatoes to track stars. The race didn’t require too much athletic skill or stamina, but it did leave everyone feeling fun, fit and fantastically foolish.

ROC Race is a great way to learn the limits of your adult body, and a gut-busting chance to watch your friends get knocked by a giant wrecking ball into a shallow pool of water. Most of all, it’s a shot at learning to laugh at yourself.

There was foam everywhere, bubbles galore, and a humungous final Slip ‘n Slide to rival the backyard version you had as a kid (think hose, plus Superman).

To quote the lyrics of LMFAO’s Red Foo, ‘Hit the playback / I know you’re feelin’ this / come on baby / let’s get ridiculous!’

Make sure you make it to the next race. It’d be ridiculous not to.


– Jill
Jill is a Sydney-based journalist who enjoys exercise most when it’s disguised as fun. Follow her on: @jillamint

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Photo credit: ROC Race