Bondi Hardware Sydney

Bondi Hardware celebrates its fifth birthday in style

Bondi Hardware is back this autumn with a fresh new look and a revamped menu just in time for its fifth birthday. They celebrated with a blow-out birthday bash showcasing their new drinks, food — and just how much fun you can have there.

The Plus Ones’ Sydney Director, Ace, and I popped down to Bondi to help them party in style.

Bondi Hardware Sydney

A bit of background for those who don’t know: over the summer, Neutral Bay venue SoCal Sydney (part of Applejack Hospitality) took over Bondi Hardware. Now BH is back! And they’ve kitted the place out.

They’re terming the new look ‘lighter boho’ mixed with ‘industrial’. Think huge baskets over the lighting (v. cool), exposed brick, and a jungle of hanging plants.

Bondi Hardware Sydney

We were treated to some of the menu‘s most popular items. Baked polenta squares were snapped up so quickly that the friendly waitstaff took to hiding them under napkins in order to get to the front of the room! Avocado on tortilla chips went down a treat, and I can see them being the perfect accompaniment to the cocktails.

The standout menu item for me and the gang was their pulled pork, resting on salad leaves. If the rest of the menu is as good, I’ll be back every week.

Bondi Hardware Sydney

Speaking of cocktails, each drink looked better than the next and tasted just as good. Have a peek at their Speaking of which, each drink looked better than the next and tasted just as good.

Have a peek at their drinks menu to see. The Raspberry Mule will keep those summer vibes going long into autumn and beyond.

Bondi Hardware Sydney

Over 200 folks descended upon the party, including influencers, TV presenters, actors, Big Brother/Bachelorette contestants, and the team from Sketch She. With a DJ spinning late into the evening, it was hard to believe it was a Tuesday night.

Methinks that the revamped Bondi Hardware is going to be just as popular every day of the week.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa now understands why it’s so hard to leave the Bondi Bubble.

Bondi Hardware
39 Hall Street
Bondi Beach NSW

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Pendulum Communications.
Image credit: Guy Davies.