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Nightclub Spin – A New Spin on Spin

If your work out regime is a little lacking (or non-existent) as you’re often too busy socialising to find the time to exercise, then Flow Athletic‘s Nightclub Spin could be just the thing to encourage you to, ahem, get on your bike.

Flow Athletic aim to bring together two of Sydney’s great loves, exercise and socialising, with this fun workout. They are an exercise studio with a difference, creating a balanced approach to fitness. You may have heard of them from Silent Yoga and Bike-Asana fame. This time it’s Nightclub Spin at Home Nightclub in Darling Harbour.

Flow Athletic Sydney

My plus one and I thought it would be a great chance to exercise without feeling like we were exercising, so we got into our active wear and headed to the club.

When we got there we were greeted by a familiar sight — a line of people waiting to have their names checked off a list to gain entry to a coveted spot in a nightclub. We had opted for the 7pm class and it was still light out. We could see tables of people in establishments around us enjoying wine and tucking into their meals as we got ready to pound it out to the music. The main difference was that everyone was stone cold sober and ready to get sweaty in a slightly different way.

As we entered, along with 30 or so others, we walked on to the main dance floor which had been converted into a spin studio — rows of spin bikes lined up in front of a DJ booth with flashing lights and loud music.

Flow Athletic Sydney

The main event was a cross between a Saturday morning spin class and a big night out listening to 90s club classics. It was exciting, different, and very sweaty. Highlights include spinning our hearts out to Ri-Ri on the dancefloor and a very encouraging smoke machine right when we thought we were about to give up.

– Elli
Elli de Ryckman  de Betz claims to enjoy the finer things in life. When probed deeper you’ll find that these actually include eating and drinking at all of Sydney’s wonderful eateries and then sweating like crazy in the city’s equally abundant weird and wonderful fitness trends to make up for it.

Flow Athletic often run limited ticket events like these. Keep an eye on their website so you don’t miss out on the next big thing!

Their next classes are 10 and 11 May 2017. There will be 8 classes held over the two days:

  • Wednesday 10th May 5pm, 6pm, 7pm or 8pm
  • Thursday 11th May  5pm, 6pm, 7pm or 8pm 

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Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were the invited guests of Flow Athletic.
Image credit: Flow Athletic.