Ready to Glow? The Colour Run Sydney

To be honest, I’ve never been the kind of girl that goes to sports events, actually I am not a sports girl at all. But, if there is glow, colours, music and fun I’m there for sure. The Color Run Night has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had since I arrived in Sydney.

As I was making my way to The Domain to start The Color Run, I attracted the attention of all the people on the street. Not because I am a famous writer already, but because my +1 was wearing a cute pink tutu. He looked so funny (yes, he is a guy),  but that’s what The Color Run is about — to have fun, and show your true colours.

Being honest, running isn’t a strength of mine, so I just started walking. It was only when I started passing all the colour stations that I got enough energy to run for a while; well, that and the fact that my +1 was starting to leave me behind. In any case, how can you not enjoy running with the Opera House as your backdrop?

Not every ending has to be sad. This one was actually my favourite part. The final concert was amazing. Organised by 2DayFM, the music was on point, with the worldwide hits being pumped out by the DJ. A lot of colour was being dropped all the time, and people were jumping, singing, and screaming happily.

The Color Run

Most exciting of all was going to the stage to finish the night and to dance to the rhythm of the Sport Girls.

I did the daytime Color Run, and had an amazing time at the Color Run Night. For sure I will be there the next time that it happens. I will see you there.

Hint: If you want to find me, just look for the tall guy with the pink tutu, I will be just next to him.


– Geraldine
Geraldine Fernandez is a Colombian student of journalism. A newbie in Sydney with all the passion to explore new places and write about it.


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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Bastion Effect.
Photo credit: The Color Run