Electric Gardens Sydney 2017

Electric Gardens festival blows Centennial Park to pieces

Electric Gardens nicked the best weather in Australia for their summer event this year. The sun was splitting the grass and diffused a buzzing haze across the fields of Centennial Park, as the youth and backpackers of Sydney trooped along the grass and floated about the stages.

The music festival covered a large area of the park and included two main outdoor stages and a third tent area, all of which quickly become thronged with a hyper audience jumping along to the tunes.

Electric Gardens Sydney 2017

Glitter, bras, sunburned torsos, swimmers and many highly distinguishable Irish and British accents characterised the scene at Electric Garden. The grounds filled swiftly — the event began at 1pm, and by 5pm the energy was as tangent as a nightclub in full swing at 3am in the morning.

Predominantly an EDM themed festival, the stand-out acts of the event were Basement Jaxx, Jamie Jones and Eric Prydz. Jones rallied the crowd to a pitch, while the craziest and most daring of attendees screamed delightedly while being swung and tossed around by ominous and adrenaline busting carnival rides.

Electric Gardens Sydney 2017

Jones’ performance saw the girls hopping onto the shoulders of the fellas and waving their hands in party mode (which quickly progressed to guys hopping onto guys shoulders and girls attempting similar feats of strength with their besties).

Prydz provided a delirious closure to an incredibly wild and sumptuous dance festival. His light performance was branded ‘the best in the world’ as he lit up the sky with metallic green stripes, and drove the audience’s feet through the ground as ‘Opus’ ripped Centennial Park to pieces.

Electric Gardens Sydney 2017

An event not for the fainthearted, Electric Gardens will test your party stamina while providing the gift of the most memorable occasions of your whole summer.

From backpackers to Aussie locals, this event continues to attract a crowd whose sole goal is to enjoy themselves, while zoning into the magical world only accessible through the live performances of dance music’s finest.

– Aoibheann
Aoibheann is a really tanned Irish writer and photographer who is waiting for the day she can earn a living from sunbathing, going to the gym, reading Charles Dickens and eating ridiculous amounts of mangoes in Asia. Follow her on @vegan__ventures.

Electric Gardens takes place every year in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Keep an eye on their website for the next festival dates and line-up.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Alpha Entertainment.
Image credit: Electric Gardens.