Summer Sessions in TWOOBS on The Island

Arrive at Double Bay and prepared to be whisked away on the ferry to The Island — a floating bar in the harbour boasting a terrific view of the CBD, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This was the venue for TWOOBS Summer Sessions, hosted by sisters Jess and Stef from @howtwolive.

The theme for the event was fun and pop colours. Bright blow-up flamingos and pineapple-shaped lilos decorated the lounges of the bar floor, while the pastel and glittering TWOOB shoes were arranged on show around the venue.

The Island is a glamorous and impressive floating piece, sporting a bar which serves meticulous cocktails and a wide range of nibbles. The light and occasional bouncing of the waves contributed to the novelty of finding oneself sipping bubbles and flaunting up and down the bar on the waters of Sydney Harbour.

The shoes themselves are original and funky, yet simplistic and comfortable. The extra chunky heel leaves you towering powerfully while the regular size still gives you a slight added height bonus. Colours range from baby-blue, orange-pink, and sparkling silver.

Talking to Jess about the inspiration for the design, she explained how many of her friends are vegan and that she finds it hard sometimes to find an original and thoughtful gift for their birthdays or Christmas. Also, many vegan shoe brands aren’t always the most attractive.

TWOOBS are made with synthetic material and are advertised on their website as being ‘as vegan as Miley Cyrus.’ They fit a specific style although the simple colours mean they are easy to pair with any outfit.

The DJ’s tunes progressed throughout the day from easy listening techno beats to pop favourites towards the evening. Groups of attendees continued to arrive from Double Bay, arriving in glamorous apparel ready to take a snap with Jess and Stef by the TWOOBS backdrop. A photo booth was also on offer with a dress-up selection to enhance your look.

Summer Sessions was a a classy yet entertaining, exciting and carefree event — hanging out in my new TWOOBS on The Island was definitely an Instagram worthy experience.

– Aoibheann
Aoibheann is a really tanned Irish writer and photographer who is waiting for the day she can earn a living from sunbathing, going to the gym, reading Charles Dickens and eating ridiculous amounts of mangoes in Asia. Follow her on @vegan__ventures.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were the invited guests of Jess and Stef.
Image credit: Aoibheann Schwartz.