Spiegel’esque at the Spiegel Zelt

A show for all ages? Definitely not! Unashamedly bold and daring, Spiegel’esque pulls off an onslaught of raunchy risks with its endless unexpected plot twists and comedic surprises – all perfectly suitable for a mature audience (actually, I’m pretty sure myself and my mate were the only ones snapchatting the show).

Enter the piazza of Leichhardt’s Italian Forum and find yourself directed through the doors of the 97-year-old Spiegel Zelt – a wooden circus construction whose entrance resembles that of a church, with its colourful glass panes and teak floor boards.

Spiegel-esque has created a space where caberet meets circus and where comedy surpasses discretion in this wonderfully bizarre show, led by master of the German accent Wayne Scott Kermond. This intriguing figure guides the audience through a spiralling set of dance, acrobatics, parody and impressive vocal performances over a two hour production split into two acts.

The costumes are wonderfully appropriate to the theme, atmosphere and characters, while our host balanced comedic timing with a cheeky interactive performance alongside his extremely talented troop.

This show is not for the shy or reserved – spectators, get ready to be enticed by an unexpected acapella emerging from the shadows of the interlude, or a theatrical mash-up of romantic classics ranging from Whitney Houston to Titanic.

This is a high engery, adult-only performance, which is also unique in its presentation. You will realise quite quickly that second guessing will not suffice for this production – the next act will either leave you gaping open mouthed, covering your eyes, shaking your head with a smile, or something else all together!

– Aoibheann
Aoibheann is a really tanned Irish writer and photographer who is waiting for the day she can earn a living from sunbathing, going to the gym, reading Charles Dickens and eating ridiculous amounts of mangoes in Asia. Follow her on @vegan__ventures.

Spiegel’esque is running until the 15 January 2017 at the Spiegel Zelt, Leichhardt, Sydney. Book tickets here.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Spiegel’esque.
Image credit: Michael Anderson.